1) forensic investigation

accident motorcycle

Tragic Motorcycle Accident Leaves Young Man Gravely Injured in Ayia Napa

A 21yearold motorcyclist in Ayia Napa suffered severe injuries after a tragic accident on Makarios Avenue, requiring urgent medical attention at Famagusta General Hospital and later transfer to Nicosia General Hospital for advanced care. The cause of the accident is under investigation by authorities, with a focus on determining the factors that led to the loss of control.

explosion security

Explosion at Nicosia Café Shakes Early Morning Calm

An explosion at a café in Strovolos, Nicosia, caused by a suspected improvised explosive device, left no injuries among the staff. Authorities are investigating the motives behind the incident, as the community grapples with a sense of unease following the unexpected violation of safety in a typically peaceful neighborhood.

healthcare investigation

Health Minister Orders Investigation into Tragic Hospital Incident

Health Minister Michael Damianos has ordered an investigation at Famagusta General Hospital following the tragic death of a sickle cell anaemia patient, raising concerns about the medical staff’s expertise and communication, resulting in a delay in necessary treatment. This incident has sparked a muchneeded evaluation of medical protocols and procedures, emphasizing the importance of specialized knowledge in treating complex conditions and the need for improved patient care in Cyprus’s healthcare system.

scandal investigation

Monastery Scandal: More Arrests, Greece Role Possible

The Osiou Avakoum monastery scandal unravels with allegations of financial crimes, witness tampering, and missing invoices totaling millions of euros, leading to the arrest of Archimandrite Nektarios. As investigations widen, suspicions of Greek property involvement emerge, hinting at crossborder complexities in the case.

law investigation

CyBC Director-General to Contest Suspension Amid Inquiry

CyBC DirectorGeneral Thanasis Tsokos is contesting his suspension amid allegations of abuse of power and financial mismanagement, claiming the board’s decision is unlawful. His legal team is preparing to challenge the suspension in the Administrative Court, highlighting a fierce legal battle ahead for the embattled director.

crime burglary

Paphos Court Issues Remand for Burglary Suspect

A 20yearold man in Paphos was remanded by the court for attempted burglary after trying to pawn stolen jewelry. Police are seeking a second suspect as the community is urged to remain vigilant and report suspicious activities, highlighting ongoing justice and order restoration efforts in Paphos.

road safety investigation

Investigation Underway in Peyia Quadbike Tragedy

The tragic quadbike accident in Peyia claimed the life of a 49yearold Russian resident, Iuliia Viacheslavovna Kovalchukova, due to multiple injuries from the crash. Authorities are conducting an investigation to determine the factors that led to the fatal loss of control, highlighting the importance of quadbike safety and adherence to road regulations.

safety measures quad biking

Investigation Underway in Peyia Following Fatal Quad Bike Incident

A tragic quad bike incident in Peyia led to the untimely death of 49yearold Russian resident Iuliia Viacheslavovna Kovalchukova, who lost control of the vehicle, striking an embankment. Authorities are investigating the crash, focusing on the route, road conditions, and the quad bike’s mechanical state to determine the cause of the accident.

crime burglary

Paphos CID Uncovers Suspected Stolen Goods

In a recent operation, the Paphos Criminal Investigation Department (CID) uncovered suspected stolen gold and jewelry during a search, leading to the arrest of a 52yearold woman believed to be connected to a burglary. Evidence linked her to possession of stolen goods and potential involvement in other criminal activities, prompting ongoing investigations.

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