Celebrating a Century of INTERPOL: The 91st General Assembly

international police cooperation 91st general assembly

In 2023, INTERPOL celebrates its 100th anniversary with the 91st General Assembly, a momentous event that brings together member countries to reflect on past achievements and plan for the future. Cyprus, where INTERPOL was originally conceptualized, plays a prominent role in the assembly, exemplifying its commitment to global law enforcement collaboration. The assembly serves as a testament to INTERPOL’s vital position in international police work and its enduring legacy of fostering international police cooperation.

What is the significance of INTERPOL’s 91st General Assembly in 2023?

INTERPOL’s 91st General Assembly in 2023 is a celebratory event marking the 100th anniversary of the organization, highlighting a century of international police cooperation. Cyprus, where INTERPOL was originally conceptualized, plays a prominent role, exemplifying its commitment to global law enforcement collaboration. The assembly gathers member countries to honor past achievements and plan future strategies, reinforcing INTERPOL’s vital position in international police work.

A Milestone for International Police Cooperation

The International Criminal Police Organization, universally known as INTERPOL, has achieved a significant milestone in 2023, celebrating a full century of fostering international police collaboration. This momentous occasion is highlighted by the 91st General Assembly, a pivotal event that brings together member countries to reflect on past achievements and strategize for the future.

Cyprus’s Role in INTERPOL’s 91st General Assembly

As INTERPOL commemorates its 100th year, Cyprus is proud to participate in the 91st General Assembly. This event is not only a celebration but also a testament to the enduring importance of global law enforcement cooperation. Cyprus holds a special place in INTERPOL’s history, as it is considered the birthplace of the organization. The assembly this year is hosted by Austria, another country with deep ties to INTERPOL.

The Cypriot Delegation

Cyprus’s commitment to international police cooperation is exemplified by its distinguished delegation. Led by Mr. Stelios Papatheodorou, the Chief of Police of Cyprus, the delegation includes notable members like Mr. Haris Philippides and Mr. Andreas Nicolaou. Mr. Philippides, the Director of the European Union and International Police Cooperation Division, and Mr. Nicolaou, the Director of the Chief of Police’s Office, both hold crucial positions that facilitate the country’s active engagement in global policing efforts.

Bilateral Meetings and Cooperation

In the spirit of the assembly’s collaborative atmosphere, the Cypriot Delegation has scheduled bilateral meetings with several countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Moldova. Additionally, dialogue with key international figures like Ms. Catherine De Bolle, the Executive Director of Europol, is set to occur. These meetings are central to exchanging views and promoting police cooperation beyond the General Assembly.

INTERPOL’s Legacy and Future

The Founding of INTERPOL

The concept of INTERPOL was first acknowledged in 1914 during the International Conference on Criminal Police. Dr. Johannes Schober, the then Chief of Police of Austria, was instrumental in championing the idea of an organization dedicated to international police cooperation. It wasn’t until 1923, at a police conference in Vienna with 20 participating countries, that the International Criminal Police Commission, INTERPOL’s predecessor, was formally established.

A Century of Evolving Cooperation

Throughout its history, INTERPOL has continuously evolved to meet the demands of a changing world. Its fundamental principles, set during its inception, have withstood the test of time and continue to guide its operations. As the organization marks a century of existence, it remains the largest body dedicated to police cooperation, with a membership that now includes 196 countries, the most recent being Palau, which joined during the 91st General Assembly.

Cyprus’s Contribution to INTERPOL

Cyprus, a member since 1962, celebrates 61 years of active participation in INTERPOL this year. The country’s involvement has been pivotal in shaping the organization’s trajectory and strengthening the network of cooperation that INTERPOL facilitates.

For more information on INTERPOL and its century of service, visit their official website: INTERPOL’s 100 Years of International Police Cooperation.

This article has been structured and extended to include a comprehensive overview of INTERPOL’s 91st General Assembly and the organization’s centennial celebrations, highlighting Cyprus’s significant role and participation.

In simple terms, INTERPOL is an organization that helps different countries work together to fight crime. They have been doing this for 100 years, and in 2023 they had a special meeting called the 91st General Assembly to celebrate this milestone. The meeting took place in Cyprus, which is where INTERPOL was first started. The meeting was a chance for countries to talk about what they have achieved in the past and make plans for the future. Cyprus played an important role in the meeting and showed its commitment to working with other countries to fight crime. INTERPOL is proud of its history and the work it does to make the world a safer place.

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