1 nicosia-limassol highway closure

arson nicosia

Serial Arson Suspect Rearrested in Nicosia

In Nicosia, a 44yearold serial arson suspect has been rearrested due to a recent spate of vehicle arsons causing extensive damage across the city, escalating community concern. With new evidence linking the suspect to additional fires, police are urging citizens to stay vigilant, especially during predawn hours, as the suspect remains in custody.

art environmental consciousness

Uniting Art and Environmental Consciousness

RE:SOURCE 2.0 is an art exhibition in Limassol, Cyprus, featuring over 30 artists creating environmentally themed works to spark conversations about pressing environmental issues. Through diverse materials and engaging educational programs, the exhibition aims to inspire action and stewardship for our planet.

real estate cyprus

2023 Record Year for Property Sales in Cyprus

In 2023, Limassol dominated property sales in Cyprus, accounting for 41% of the country’s total sales value with over 25,400 transactions amounting to €5.6 billion, marking a recordbreaking year for the real estate market. Larnaca also saw a notable 28% increase in sales value, while residential transactions made up 61% of the market’s total value, showcasing a robust performance in the industry.

medicine flood

Unprecedented Flood Leads to Medicine Destruction in Nicosia

The Medicine Storage at the Health Ministry in Nicosia faced extensive damage due to a devastating flood caused by severe weather conditions. Thousands of medicine packages were destroyed, prompting an urgent assessment to prevent potential shortages for patients, as an ad hoc committee works to evaluate the situation and prevent a health crisis.

limassol carnival

Limassol Carnival Tradition Gets an AI Makeover

The Limassol Carnival, a traditional celebration in Cyprus, is embracing innovation through a partnership with Blackbook agency to incorporate AI technology. This year’s carnival features the first AIdesigned poster, symbolizing a blend of traditional festivities with contemporary digital art aimed at attracting a global audience and redefining cultural marketing.

music nicosia

Nicosia gets funky

Get ready to groove as Nicosia comes alive with the LeFUNKosia event featuring Cyprus’ top bands like Nabuma, Fuzz Bus, and Alexis Sunder and The Sundercats. From arts & crafts exhibitions to DJ sessions, this weekend extravaganza starts on March 9 at 9 pm at Stou Teli in Youssooroom, promising a nonstop celebration of local music culture.

nicosia robbery

Nicosia Kiosk Robbery

The Nicosia kiosk robbery unfolded in the dead of night as two masked individuals stormed the establishment, with one wielding a knife to intimidate the staff while the other made off with the cash register. The brazen heist has left the community on edge, prompting a thorough investigation by the Nicosia CID to apprehend the unidentified suspects and prevent further incidents of this nature.

roadworks closure

Upcoming Roadworks on Limassol-Nicosia Highway

Upcoming roadworks on the LimassolNicosia Highway include closures at the Kalamon roundabout entrance, nightly repairs for safety barrier enhancements, and maintenance on the Limassol bypass road. The closures and repairs are scheduled to take place until February 29, with specific times and alternative routes provided. Motorists are advised to exercise caution and follow temporary road signs to ensure personal safety and minimize disruptions during the construction period.

christmas village nicosia

Weekend Events at Laiki Yitonia Christmas Village

The Laiki Yitonia Christmas Village in Nicosia offers visitors a festive and cultural experience with twinkling lights, live music, traditional crafts, and workshops. With standup comedy, shadow theatre, local product showcases, and visits from Santa, the village is transformed into a wonderland for residents and visitors to enjoy throughout December.

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