A Gastronomic Symphony: The Four Hands Dinner at Amara Hotel

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Indulge in a culinary symphony at AMARA Hotel’s ‘Four Hands’ dinner on May 3, 2024, featuring Michelin-starred chefs Giorgio Locatelli and Alessandro Tormolino. Dive into an exquisite menu of Italian flavors, blending innovation and tradition in the luxurious setting of Limassol’s AMARA Hotel. Book your reservation early for this exclusive event before seats run out!

What is the ‘Four Hands’ dinner at AMARA Hotel?

The ‘Four Hands’ dinner at AMARA Hotel is a unique gastronomic event on May 3, 2024, featuring Michelin-starred chefs Giorgio Locatelli and Alessandro Tormolino. This exclusive dining experience includes a menu of Italian dishes that embody innovation and tradition, set in Limassol’s luxurious AMARA Hotel. Reservations are limited, so booking in advance is essential.

A Meeting of Culinary Masters

Food lovers are in for a real treat come May 3, 2024. Ristorante Locatelli, nestled within the sprawling elegance of Limassol’s AMARA Hotel, is setting the stage for an exceptional ‘Four Hands’ dinner. The event is a culinary confluence of two giants in the gastronomy world: Michelin-starred chefs Giorgio Locatelli and Alessandro Tormolino.

Giorgio Locatelli, a revered name in the culinary scene, is best known for his role as a discerning judge on Master Chef Italia and his Michelin-starred restaurant in London. He is a maestro in taking classic Italian dishes and reimagining them with a modern twist, without losing the essence of traditional Italian flavors. The evening at AMARA is an opportunity for diners to experience his philosophy of food, where every ingredient is a note in a symphonic masterpiece.

A Symphony on a Plate

Joining Chef Locatelli is the prodigious talent, Chef Alessandro Tormolino, whose innovative cuisine at SENSI Restaurant has garnered widespread acclaim. His roots in Campania’s rich culinary traditions shine through in his dishes, a testament to his deep respect for the ingredients and the stories they tell. Tormolino’s approach to cooking is like a painter with a palette, each dish a vibrant canvas of flavors, textures, and aromas.

The ‘Four Hands’ dinner is not merely a meal but a journey through Italy’s diverse culinary landscape. The chefs will alternate in presenting dishes, creating a menu that engages the senses and celebrates both innovation and tradition. The collaboration is a rare opportunity for guests to savor a fusion of styles that exemplify the finest of Italian cuisine.

An Evening of Indulgence

The AMARA Hotel, known for its luxurious ambiance and impeccable service, provides the perfect backdrop for this gastronomic event. The hotel’s dedication to excellence echoes the chefs’ commitment to culinary perfection. With only a limited number of seats available for this exclusive dinner, securing a reservation is highly recommended to ensure a place at this not-to-be-missed dining event.

To reserve your seat at this epicurean extravaganza, you can reach out directly to the hotel. Prospective attendees can call at +357 2544 2222 or send an email to The event represents a highlight of Limassol’s social calendar, promising an evening that will linger in memory as much as on the palate.

Savoring the Moment

As the day approaches, the anticipation builds for an event that will undoubtedly be talked about for years to come. The ‘Four Hands’ dinner is more than just a testament to the chefs’ remarkable skills; it’s a celebration of the shared experiences that food can evoke. This is your invitation to indulge in a night that promises to be a feast for the soul as much as for the senses.

How can I book a reservation for the ‘Four Hands’ dinner at AMARA Hotel?

To secure your seat at the ‘Four Hands’ dinner at AMARA Hotel featuring Michelin-starred chefs Giorgio Locatelli and Alessandro Tormolino on May 3, 2024, you can contact the hotel directly. Reach out by calling +357 2544 2222 or sending an email to Due to the limited availability of seats, booking in advance is highly recommended.

What can I expect from the menu at the ‘Four Hands’ dinner?

The menu at the ‘Four Hands’ dinner will showcase a symphony of Italian flavors crafted by Michelin-starred chefs Giorgio Locatelli and Alessandro Tormolino. Guests can anticipate a blend of innovative and traditional dishes that highlight the chefs’ culinary expertise and creativity. Each course will be a harmonious composition of flavors, textures, and aromas that celebrate the essence of Italian cuisine.

Who are the featured chefs at the ‘Four Hands’ dinner at AMARA Hotel?

The ‘Four Hands’ dinner at AMARA Hotel will feature Michelin-starred chefs Giorgio Locatelli and Alessandro Tormolino. Chef Giorgio Locatelli is renowned for his modern take on classic Italian dishes, while Chef Alessandro Tormolino’s cuisine reflects a deep respect for traditional ingredients and flavors. Together, they will present a collaborative menu that embodies the finest of Italian gastronomy.

What is the significance of the ‘Four Hands’ dinner at AMARA Hotel?

The ‘Four Hands’ dinner at AMARA Hotel represents a unique culinary experience that brings together two acclaimed chefs to create a memorable evening of gastronomic delight. This event is a celebration of Italian cuisine, innovation, and tradition, set in the luxurious ambiance of Limassol’s AMARA Hotel. Guests can expect an unforgettable dining experience that showcases the culinary mastery of Chef Giorgio Locatelli and Chef Alessandro Tormolino.

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