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Fork Food Market’s Seaside Soiree

Fork Food Market is hosting a twoday seaside event in Ayia Napa on July 26th and 27th, offering a variety of street food, drinks, and live DJ music from 7pm to midnight. Enjoy delicious dishes, cocktails, and a festive atmosphere by the ‘I Love Ayia Napa’ sculpture in the central square, promising a memorable summer night by the Mediterranean coast.

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Essential Goods Experience Significant Price Fluctuations in June

In June 2024, essential goods experienced notable price fluctuations, with 28 out of 45 basic product groups seeing price increases due to rising fuel costs, food inflation rates, and other factors. To stabilize prices and curb inflation, policies like zero VAT rates were implemented, with 16 categories noting price decreases to counteract the overall trend of rising prices.

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Celebrating the European Recognition of Cypriot Tertziellouthkia

The European recognition of Cypriot Tertziellouthkia as a protected geographical indication (PGI) honors its cultural significance and preserves its traditional crafting methods. This designation ensures the pasta’s unique characteristics and Cypriot origins are celebrated in cultural ceremonies and modern cuisine, safeguarding its heritage for future generations.

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Brunch Delights at Onar in Larnaca

Onar in Larnaca offers a perfect blend of classic and innovative brunch options, with dishes like the Benedict Burger and Crispy Chicken Burger served in a comfortable, glassenclosed outdoor dining area. The inviting ambiance, attentive service, and thoughtfully curated menu make Onar a top choice for a leisurely brunch experience in Larnaca.

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Foody… “triples” with new Foodyball Deals!

Foody introduces Foodyball Deals for Euro 2024, offering 30% to 50% off and 1+1 offers on local favorites delivered to fans’ doors, ensuring a delicious football viewing experience without missing any game action. Don’t miss out on this perfect match of feast and football with Foody’s lineup of mouthwatering dishes from popular eateries like McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut, adding flavor and savings to the Euro 2024 celebrations.

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Food and Film Nights by Lidl Cyprus

Lidl Cyprus Food and Film Nights offer a delightful blend of cinema and gourmet dining, with each threecourse meal inspired by the featured movie. Taking place from June 1214, guests can enjoy films like “The Lunch Box” and “Ratatouille” while vying for seats won through an online competition on the Lidl Food Academy website.

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What’s on this weekend in Cyprus

This weekend in Cyprus is filled with cultural, artistic, food, and wellness events across Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, and Paphos. From street food markets to Pride March, from art festivals to wellness gatherings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the vibrant cities of Cyprus.

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