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L’Atelier Robuchon Crowned as Cyprus’s Culinary Champion

L’Atelier Robuchon, celebrated for its exemplary French haute cuisine infused with local Cypriot influences, has been crowned as Cyprus’s culinary champion, receiving the highest score at the Toques d’Or Awards ceremony held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol. With a commitment to excellence and upholding the vision of legendary chef Joël Robuchon, the restaurant offers a tapestry of flavors where modern French haute cuisine meets local flair, creating a culturally rich and unforgettable dining experience.

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The Remarkable Dipkarpaz Village: A Step Back In Time

What is special about Dipkarpaz village in North Cyprus? Dipkarpaz village, nestled in North Cyprus’ north east peninsular, is a remarkable gem that embodies the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle. This rustic village is a significant hotspot for eco tourism, boasting kilometerlong beaches, historical buildings, and unique natural activities. Moreover, it’s a cultural melting pot, home to both Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot inhabitants living in unity, symbolized by a mosque and an Orthodox church side by side. Visitors can also enjoy the local gastronomy and participate in cultural events. Dipkarpaz village is a window into a traditional way of life, a niche for eco tourism, and a unique cultural melting pot. Don’t miss the local gastronomy scene, notable accommodations, and events like the Food Lodge’s classic film evenings and World Poetry Day. Experience a simpler, slower way of life and a blend of cultures in this remarkable village.

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