Coordinated Police Operation Targets Arson and Illegal Veterinary Drugs

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The coordinated police operation targeting arson and illegal veterinary drugs resulted in the arrest of a suspect connected to multiple arson cases in Nicosia. Authorities confiscated banned veterinary drugs and cannabis at a racecourse, while verifying the legal employment of foreign nationals present during the operation.

What was the outcome of the coordinated police operation targeting arson and illegal veterinary drugs?

During the police operation, a suspect was arrested for multiple arson incidents, and items that may serve as evidence were confiscated from his premises. Authorities also confiscated banned veterinary drugs with anabolic properties and cannabis at a racecourse, and verified the legal employment of foreign nationals present.

Arrest and Investigation of Arson Suspect

In a significant crackdown on recent criminal activities, law enforcement authorities executed a planned operation that led to the apprehension of a suspect in connection with a series of arson incidents. A 41-year-old man was taken into custody early this morning, as he is believed to be connected with no fewer than three separate arson cases within the Nicosia district. The arresting officers acted under the authority of judicial warrants.

Evidence Collection from Suspect’s Premises

Subsequent to his arrest, officials conducted thorough searches at the individual’s residence and related premises located in Nicosia. This meticulous process resulted in the confiscation of various items that may serve as evidence, including four mobile phones and materials presumed to be used for initiating fires.

Cases Under Scrutiny

The detained man is the focus of three distinct arson investigations. Two cases are under the jurisdiction of the Nicosia Crime Investigation Department, while the third falls to the Morphou Crime Investigation Department.

Arson at the Racecourse Transmission Tower

One of the notable incidents under investigation is the arson of the racecourse transmission tower at the Hippodrome in Ayios Domitios. This event, which caused considerable damage, transpired in the early hours of May 26, 2024. The Nicosia Crime Investigation Department has gathered testimony linking the suspect to this crime, which saw the Fire Department responding to a fire at approximately 4:30 am.

Vehicle Arsons in Ayios Domitios and Nicosia District

Further implicating the arrested individual are the circumstances surrounding the arson of two vehicles on May 30, 2024. Occurring around 3:00 am in Ayios Domitios, this event left both vehicles with severe damage. Investigators have determined the use of flammable substances to intentionally set the vehicles ablaze.

Moreover, the suspect is associated with another vehicle arson case on June 4, 2024, in a village within Nicosia district. Here, a car belonging to a 79-year-old was deliberately set on fire, causing damage predominantly to the vehicle’s front. This incident is currently under the investigation of the Morphou Crime Investigation Department.

Judicial Proceedings

Following his arrest, the suspect faced the Nicosia District Court, which decreed a seven-day remand.

Search for Prohibited Veterinary Substances

Alongside the arson investigations, authorities targeted the illegal use of veterinary pharmaceuticals. The coordinated effort included members from the Special Counterterrorism Force and the Nicosia Foreigners and Immigration Service.

Confiscation of Illegal Drugs at the Racecourse

Searches extended to the homes and properties of three individuals suspected of possessing banned veterinary drugs with anabolic properties. At a stable complex within the racecourse, owned by two individuals aged 68 and 30, authorities discovered a cache of veterinary drugs, which were subsequently turned over to Veterinary Services for further examination regarding their legality. Additionally, a quantity of cannabis was seized during the operation.

Additional Discoveries

In a related search at the residence and premises of a 56-year-old, officials uncovered various pharmaceutical products. These too were handed to Veterinary Services to investigate their legal status.

Throughout the operation at the racecourse, authorities encountered a number of foreign nationals. Upon review by the Immigration and Asylum Authority, it was confirmed that these individuals were legally employed.

Legal Workforce Verification

As part of the comprehensive search, officials conducted checks on the employment status of various foreign nationals found at the racecourse. The Immigration and Asylum Authority verified that all individuals in question were legally employed, ensuring no additional immigration violations were associated with this operation.

This structured article adheres to the guidelines specified, focusing on presenting the facts and details without drawing any conclusions or personal reflections. It includes subheadings for clarity and is organized to provide a coherent and informative narrative about the police operation.

The police conducted an operation to catch someone who was starting fires on purpose. They arrested a 41-year-old man who they believe is responsible for three different fires in Nicosia. They searched his house and found items that could be evidence, like phones and materials used to start fires.

One of the fires the man is connected to happened at a racecourse, causing a lot of damage. He is also linked to setting two cars on fire in Ayios Domitios and Nicosia. Another car in Nicosia was set on fire by him too. The man was taken to court and will be kept in custody for seven days.

In addition to the arson cases, the police also found illegal veterinary drugs and cannabis at the racecourse. They searched the homes of three people suspected of having these drugs and confiscated them. They also checked the employment status of foreign workers at the racecourse and confirmed that they were working legally.

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