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Youth Detained for Arson in Kiti

The arson incident in Kiti on May 4th involved a group of 70 individuals igniting a large pile of wood, endangering local properties. Three teenagers exacerbated the chaos by throwing firecrackers and stones, resulting in a man’s yard burning, leading to the detention of four suspects and leaving the community shaken.

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String of Arson Attacks by Suspected Prison Guard

A 47yearold prison guard is under arrest for a series of arson attacks, including setting vehicles and a playground on fire in Nicosia. Evidence such as surveillance footage, a verbal confession, and incriminating items found in the suspect’s car are key components of the investigation, which is looking into up to 15 related incidents.

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Serial Arson Suspect Rearrested in Nicosia

In Nicosia, a 44yearold serial arson suspect has been rearrested due to a recent spate of vehicle arsons causing extensive damage across the city, escalating community concern. With new evidence linking the suspect to additional fires, police are urging citizens to stay vigilant, especially during predawn hours, as the suspect remains in custody.

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Police Crack Down on Arson Incidents

In response to a surge in arsonrelated crimes, police forces nationwide have intensified efforts to combat the issue, resulting in the apprehension of 17 suspects. Through increased patrols, community outreach, and advanced training for officers, authorities are working diligently to prevent and solve arson incidents, ensuring the safety of the public.

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Paphos Barber Shop Targeted in Arson Attack

A barber shop in Paphos was set on fire late Thursday night, causing significant damage. Emergency services responded quickly and prevented the flames from spreading to nearby buildings. The incident is currently being investigated by the police as a deliberate act.

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