Bank of Cyprus launches new e-commerce platform Jinius

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The Bank of Cyprus introduces Jinius, a cutting-edge e-commerce platform that redefines online shopping in Cyprus. With features like a unified shopping cart, no shipping costs, and a rewards system for card users, Jinius offers a seamless and rewarding experience for customers, while also empowering local businesses. Visit to explore the future of digital commerce on the island.

What is the new e-commerce platform launched by the Bank of Cyprus?

The Bank of Cyprus has launched a new e-commerce platform called Jinius, designed to revolutionize online shopping in Cyprus. Jinius offers a one-stop-shop for various products, eliminates shipping costs, provides a single cart for multiple stores, and features a rewarding points system for card users. Visit for an enhanced shopping experience.

Revolutionizing E-Commerce in Cyprus

The Bank of Cyprus is taking a significant leap forward in the digital commerce space with the introduction of its new e-commerce platform, Jinius. The platform, which can be found at, has been meticulously designed to transform the online shopping experience on the island. It brings together a variety of products and brands, catering to diverse consumer needs from technology gadgets to the latest fashion trends.

The burgeoning e-commerce sector has seen consumers demand more intuitive and user-friendly platforms. Jinius rises to the occasion, offering an array of features that enhance the shopping journey. Customers can indulge in a multitude of lifestyle products, including clothing for all sexes and ages, footwear, accessories like handbags and sunglasses, and even expanding to beauty, toys, and home essentials.

Shopping Made Simpler and Rewarding

Navigating through Jinius is a breeze. Shoppers can add items from multiple stores to a single cart. This consolidation eliminates the inconvenience of multiple transactions and shipping fees. To further sweeten the deal, Jinius abolishes shipping costs, including for items returned within a two-week period.

For those who use Bank of Cyprus cards, the rewards program is particularly enticing. With every euro spent, customers accrue five reward points, incentivizing the use of the platform. Subscribing to the Jinius newsletter unlocks early access to new arrivals and exclusive promotions, keeping keen shoppers ahead of the curve.

Empowering Local Businesses

Jinius isn’t just a boon for consumers; it represents a golden opportunity for local businesses as well. The platform enables retailers to broaden their digital footprint and tap into a larger market. With the support of the Jinius marketing team, products and stores receive advertising services as part of the package, adding value without incurring additional costs.

Partnering with Jinius means businesses can also leverage the platform’s courier services. This collaboration exemplifies how the platform is not just an e-commerce site but a comprehensive solution for merchants aiming to grow their operations and reach more customers effectively.

A Future-Forward Platform

Jinius stands at the forefront of innovation in e-commerce for Cyprus. The platform’s emphasis on a seamless user experience and its integration of a rewards program underscore the Bank of Cyprus’s commitment to modernizing the online retail landscape. As Jinius continues to evolve, adding new product categories and features, it is set to redefine e-commerce on the island for both shoppers and businesses alike.

Shopping on Jinius is intended to be more than just a transaction; it’s an experience that brings together convenience, variety, and reward, all in one place. With a few clicks, customers can find everything they need, and local businesses can find a new avenue for growth. The future of online shopping in Cyprus looks promising, with Jinius paving the way.

How can Jinius revolutionize online shopping in Cyprus?

Jinius, the new e-commerce platform launched by the Bank of Cyprus, is set to transform online shopping in Cyprus by offering a unified shopping cart, eliminating shipping costs, and providing a rewarding points system for card users. This seamless and rewarding experience aims to simplify the online shopping process for customers while empowering local businesses to reach a wider market.

What features does Jinius offer to enhance the shopping experience?

Jinius offers a range of features to enhance the shopping experience, including a single cart for multiple stores, no shipping costs, and a rewards program for card users. Customers can explore a variety of products and brands, from clothing and accessories to beauty and home essentials, all in one convenient platform. By subscribing to the Jinius newsletter, shoppers can gain early access to new arrivals and exclusive promotions.

How does Jinius support local businesses in Cyprus?

Jinius not only benefits customers but also empowers local businesses by providing them with the opportunity to expand their digital presence and reach a larger market. Through the platform, retailers can access advertising services and courier services to grow their operations effectively. By partnering with Jinius, businesses can leverage the platform’s resources to increase their visibility and attract more customers.

What sets Jinius apart as a future-forward e-commerce platform?

Jinius stands out as a future-forward e-commerce platform in Cyprus due to its focus on a seamless user experience, integration of a rewards program, and commitment to modernizing the online retail landscape. As the platform continues to evolve with new product categories and features, Jinius is poised to redefine e-commerce on the island, offering a convenient, diverse, and rewarding shopping experience for customers while providing growth opportunities for local businesses.

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