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Varosha as a Hub for Unity and Commerce

Serdar Denktash envisions Varosha as a bustling free trade zone, uniting Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots through shared businesses and social spaces. The proposal aims to transform the abandoned resort into a hub of economic collaboration, fostering peace and prosperity within the buffer zone.

export commerce

Celebrating Cypriot Commerce: Applications Open for Prestigious Exports Award

The prestigious Cyprus Exports Award by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry celebrates the innovation and quality of Cypriot businesses in the global market, with applications closing on May 31, 2024. This accolade, established in 1982, honors excellence in export across diverse sectors, showcasing the tenacity and prowess of Cypriot economic players on the international stage.

e-commerce cyprus

Bank of Cyprus launches new e-commerce platform Jinius

The Bank of Cyprus introduces Jinius, a cuttingedge ecommerce platform that redefines online shopping in Cyprus. With features like a unified shopping cart, no shipping costs, and a rewards system for card users, Jinius offers a seamless and rewarding experience for customers, while also empowering local businesses. Visit to explore the future of digital commerce on the island.

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