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Central Bank of Cyprus Announces May Bank Holidays

The Central Bank of Cyprus has released the bank holiday schedule for May 2024, including closures for Labour Day on May 1, Good Friday on May 3, and Easter Monday and Tuesday on May 6 and 7. Residents are advised to plan ahead for any financial needs during this time, utilizing digital banking services and preparing for potential delays in transactions.

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Presidential advisor appointed as Central Bank governor

Christodoulos Patsalidis, an esteemed economist, has been appointed as the new Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus, succeeding Constantinos Herodotou. Patsalidis’s vast experience includes roles as Special Advisor on economic matters and Chairman of the Cyprus Banks Association, making him a key figure in shaping the nation’s financial future.

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Bank of Cyprus launches new e-commerce platform Jinius

The Bank of Cyprus introduces Jinius, a cuttingedge ecommerce platform that redefines online shopping in Cyprus. With features like a unified shopping cart, no shipping costs, and a rewards system for card users, Jinius offers a seamless and rewarding experience for customers, while also empowering local businesses. Visit to explore the future of digital commerce on the island.

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Cyprus Business Now: A Year of Achievements

In the past year, Cyprus has achieved several significant milestones in its business sector. The Bank of Cyprus was honored as the “Bank of the Year” by The Banker, while Keve elected Stavros Stavrou as its new president. Cyprus was also reelected to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Council, and the Cyprus Stock Exchange reported a profit increase, indicating a resilient market.

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