Reflect Festival will unite 10,000 EMEA doers in Limassol’s Kolla Factory this May

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Reflect Festival, Cyprus’ top tech event, will bring together 10,000 doers in Limassol’s Kolla Factory on May 30-31. Attendees can expect 200+ exhibitors, 150+ speakers across 5 stages, a startup competition, and ample networking opportunities.

What is the Reflect Festival in Limassol, Cyprus?

The Reflect Festival, Cyprus’ premier technology event, is set to take place on May 30-31 at Limassol’s Kolla Factory. It will welcome 10,000 attendees to engage with over 200 exhibitors and 150+ speakers across five stages, exploring tech innovations, fintech, AI, and more. The ReflectX startup competition will also feature, connecting startups with investors.

A New Chapter for Cyprus’ Premier Tech Event

Anticipation is building as Cyprus gets ready to host the Reflect Festival once again. The island’s flagship technology event is set to unfold in Limassol for the seventh time, promising a revamped experience with a slew of new features and a change of scenery to Kolla Factory. The event, scheduled for May 30-31, is expected to draw a crowd of 10,000 attendees, all eager to engage with the latest tech innovations and thought leaders from around the globe.

Reflect Festival has become a hallmark of innovation and collaboration, bringing together a diverse array of professionals from the tech world. This year’s edition will expand its startup-investor program and showcase over 200 exhibitors in a bustling expo. The addition of a new Dome stage and an array of networking events aims to enhance the festival’s dynamic environment. Stylianos Lambrou, the co-founder of Reflect Festival, is enthusiastic about the venue choice, which situates the event in the heart of historic Limassol, enabling the festival to host more than 30 side events.

Stages Set for Inspiration and Insight

With a commitment to fostering learning and idea exchange, Reflect Festival will feature more than 150 speakers across five stages, each tailored to different facets of the tech industry. The Big Picture Stage will cater to founders and investors, while the Money Stage by payabl. will delve into the future of money and fintech. The Tech Stage will shine a spotlight on cutting-edge technological advancements, covering sectors like AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, and healthtech.

Moreover, the Future Stage will host discussions on a range of forward-looking topics, such as the development of future cities, mobility, the future of work, longevity, and sustainability. Interactive sessions, including workshops and roundtable discussions, will offer attendees a chance to dive deeper into these subjects. The event promises to be a springboard for powerful stories, with speakers like Bindi Karia, Robin Wauters, Jason Ball, Michal Smida, Kaidi Ruusalepp, and Omar Hagrass leading the charge.

ReflectX 2024: A Platform for Rising Stars

Building on the success of its previous iteration, the ReflectX startup competition is returning with even more ambition. The competition will showcase 15 selected startups, providing them with an invaluable platform to present before an audience of over 250 investors. This competition is not just about winning; it’s about opening doors to new opportunities, valuable connections, and potential partnerships.

To augment the competition’s impact, Reflect Festival will facilitate a series of startup-investor meet-ups. These curated events are designed to provide startups with personalized networking opportunities that could catalyze their growth and success.

Deepening Connections Beyond the Conference

Reflect Festival isn’t only about what happens on the stages but also about the rich experience surrounding them. The expo area will feature innovative startups, while interactive activities from festival partners aim to engage attendees in new and exciting ways. Networking lounges and private meeting spaces will encourage deal-making and collaboration among participants.

In addition to the scheduled events, Limassol itself offers a vibrant backdrop for further exploration and networking. The festival provides the perfect excuse to take in the beauty of Limassol’s seaside city center, whether as part of the official lineup or through independent adventures. Reflect Festival has garnered support from an impressive roster of partners, including payabl., PwC, Exness, Social Discovery Group, and Microsoft, among others, ensuring a memorable event for all who attend.

What is the Reflect Festival in Limassol, Cyprus?

The Reflect Festival is Cyprus’ premier technology event, set to take place on May 30-31 at Limassol’s Kolla Factory. It will bring together 10,000 attendees to engage with over 200 exhibitors and 150+ speakers across five stages, covering a wide range of tech innovations, fintech, AI, and more. The ReflectX startup competition will also be featured, connecting startups with investors.

When and where will the Reflect Festival take place?

The Reflect Festival is scheduled to take place on May 30-31 at Limassol’s Kolla Factory in Cyprus. The event will unite 10,000 doers from the EMEA region, offering a platform for attendees to explore tech innovations, engage with industry experts, and participate in networking opportunities.

What can attendees expect from the Reflect Festival?

Attendees can expect a dynamic and immersive experience at the Reflect Festival, with over 200 exhibitors showcasing the latest in technology, 150+ speakers across five stages covering a variety of tech topics, a startup competition (ReflectX), and ample networking opportunities. The event aims to inspire, educate, and connect professionals in the tech industry.

How is Reflect Festival enhancing the startup-investor program for 2024?

Reflect Festival is expanding its ReflectX startup competition for 2024, providing 15 selected startups with a platform to pitch to over 250 investors. In addition, the festival will facilitate startup-investor meet-ups to create personalized networking opportunities for startups, fostering potential partnerships and growth.

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