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Justice Minister Advocates for Global Strategy to Combat Migrant Smuggling

Cyprus’s Justice Minister, Anna Procopiou, advocates for a global strategy to combat migrant smuggling at the International Conference on a Global Alliance to Counter Migrant Smuggling. She emphasizes international cooperation, stringent punitive measures against traffickers, the use of technology to disrupt smuggling networks, and the formation of a global coalition for shared insights and coordinated response.

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Nicosia Joins Map of Innovative European Cities

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, has joined the ranks of innovative European cities with its “Development of Smart City Infrastructure and Systems” initiative. With €6.5 million in funding, the city is implementing digital reforms and smart solutions such as smart parking, lighting, and dog management to enhance urban living and pave the way for a green and digital future.

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Cyprus Showcases Advantages as a Hub for Foreign Businesses in London

Cyprus is emerging as an attractive hub for foreign businesses, thanks to its skilled workforce, modern legal system, low costs, transparent tax regime, and strategic location within the EU and Eurozone. The government offers tax incentives and initiatives like “digital nomad” visas to attract businesses, making Cyprus a flourishing environment for technology and innovative companies.

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