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Navigating the Integration of Technology in Secondary Education

Cyprus is drafting legislation to regulate mobile phone use in secondary schools, with penalties for misuse that could include storing phones in lockers or switching them off during class to reduce distractions and misconduct. The education ministry seeks consistent enforcement of rules to maintain a positive educational environment and address concerns over the impact of mobile phones on students’ behavior and performance.

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TechIsland Summit Aims to Foster a Tech-Driven Future for Cyprus

The TechIsland Summit in Cyprus aims to propel the nation towards a techdriven future, positioning it as a regional tech hub and fostering innovation within its tech ecosystem. Through engaging panel discussions, keynotes on economic growth, and the introduction of the Mentors’ Hub for startup guidance, the summit will create a platform for strategic thinking and collaboration in the tech industry.

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Cyprus Business Now

Average apartment values across different districts in Cyprus vary, with Limassol leading at €208,220 and Famagusta at €105,182. The real estate market in Cyprus offers diverse investment opportunities, reflecting a dynamic property landscape with distinct regional characteristics.

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Cyprus Business Now

The economic future of Cyprus looks bright, with GDP expected to grow steadily from 2.9% in 2024 to 3.3% by 2027. Key sectors such as construction, maritime, technology, and real estate are driving this growth, while efforts towards environmental sustainability in transportation are gaining momentum.

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Keve to Take Part in Reflect Festival

The Reflect Festival in Cyprus is a major technology event where over 8,000 attendees engage in workshops and startup competitions. Keve’s participation highlights the need for small and mediumsized businesses to embrace technology for growth in the digital economy.

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Cyprus’ Digital Competitiveness Declines in Global Rankings

Cyprus has dropped to 51st place in global digital competitiveness rankings due to challenges in readiness for technological changes, knowledge and innovation, STEM graduates, mobile broadband subscriptions, business agility, big data integration, and academiccommercial knowledge transfer. Despite setbacks, Cyprus shows strength in areas like employment rates of technical workers and gender parity in higher education, highlighting the need for strategic investment to improve its digital standing.

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Cyprus Firm Achieves Top Ranking in Deloitte Technology Fast 50, a Cyprusbased fintech firm, has achieved the top ranking in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for the third consecutive year with an astounding growth rate of 4,411%. This annual ranking highlights the fastestgrowing technology startups in the Middle East based on revenue growth, showcasing the innovative spirit and technological advancements within the region.

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Paphos Enhances Public Transportation Network

Paphos has upgraded its public transportation network with a new bus terminal in Karavella, smart bus stops with realtime displays, and interchange stations at Paphos harbor and Tomb of the Kings Avenue. These improvements aim to provide efficient transit, boost tourism, and support sustainable travel in the city.

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The Evolution of Business in Cyprus: Isystems Group’s Expansion

Isystems Group has expanded its operations to Cyprus to strengthen its global presence and deliver innovative business software solutions, taking advantage of the strategic location, skilled workforce, and favorable business climate in the region. This move signifies the growing importance of Cyprus as a tech and business destination, reflecting the company’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its clientele while tapping into the island’s potential as a hub for advanced technological services.

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