New Cases of Impersonation Fraud: Suspects Posing as Doctors

fraud impersonation

In recent incidents of impersonation fraud, fraudsters have been posing as doctors and targeting unsuspecting victims by claiming that a family member has been in a serious accident and urgently needs money for surgery. The police are urging the public to stay vigilant, verify any claims independently, and report any suspicious interactions to the local police or the Citizen’s Line at 1460.

What should you do if you suspect impersonation fraud by someone posing as a doctor?

  • Remain vigilant and treat any unsolicited calls with suspicion, especially those involving immediate financial demands.
  • Independently verify any claims of a family member’s accident requiring money.
  • Report any suspicious interactions to your local Police Station, the District Crime Prevention Units, or call the Citizen’s Line at 1460.

Urgent Police Warning

In the wake of recent fraud incidents, the Police are heightening their alerts to the public. Authorities have identified a worrying trend where fraudsters are masquerading as medical professionals to exploit unsuspecting victims. The Police reported that two new cases emerged just yesterday, prompting an immediate response. They are actively encouraging the populace to report any instances of fraud without hesitation, directing them to reach out to local Police Stations, the District Crime Prevention Units, or to make a call to the Citizen’s Line, accessible via the telephone number 1460.

Modus Operandi of the Fraudsters

The con artists operating under the guise of doctors have a calculated approach. They initiate contact with potential victims through phone calls, spinning a narrative where a close family member is supposedly involved in a grievous accident and is in dire need of surgical intervention. They cleverly pressure the victims into believing that a substantial sum of money is required immediately to cover the medical expenses.

Recent Victims and Their Ordeals

The latest incidents have particularly targeted the elderly, with two women, 79 and 80 years old, falling prey to these schemes in Nicosia and Limassol respectively. The suspects, with their deceitful claims, convinced the women that their daughters had suffered accidents and were in urgent need of costly surgeries. The victims, driven by concern and the urgency of the situation, complied with the demands. The first woman handed over 4,000 euros in cash and gold jewelry valued between 8,000 to 10,000 euros. The second victim gave away 2,500 to 3,000 euros in cash and gold jewelry, the worth of which is yet to be determined.

A Call to Vigilance

Given these alarming developments, the Police’s message to the public is clear: remain vigilant. Any interactions resembling the described scenario should be a red flag for citizens. The Police stress the importance of verifying any such claims independently before taking any action. In cases of doubt or to report suspicious activities, individuals are once again reminded to contact the nearest Police Station, the District Crime Prevention Units, or to use the Citizen’s Line by dialing 1460.

In recent incidents, there have been people pretending to be doctors and trying to trick others into giving them money. They do this by telling the person that a family member has been in a serious accident and needs money for surgery. The police are warning everyone to be careful and to check these claims before giving any money. If you think someone is pretending to be a doctor and trying to trick you, you should be suspicious of any unexpected phone calls asking for money. Make sure to check if the accident is real before giving any money. If you are not sure or if something seems suspicious, you should contact the police or call the Citizen’s Line at 1460.

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