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Man Arrested for Posing as Lawyer, Money Extortion

In Nicosia, a 45yearold man was arrested for posing as a lawyer, swindling over €10,000 from a restaurateur by offering false legal services for employee registration. Now in custody, the accused faces police investigation for his fraudulent actions, shedding light on the importance of verifying professional credentials in a world where deceit can lurk behind a polished facade.

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Beware of Fraudulent Emails Impersonating Cyprus Police

Individuals are warned about deceptive emails impersonating the Cyprus Police. The scam attempts to dupe recipients into believing false accusations of criminal activities and engaging with fraudsters. To stay safe, avoid interacting with suspicious emails, adjust email settings, refrain from clicking links, and report them as spam.

fraud impersonation

New Cases of Impersonation Fraud: Suspects Posing as Doctors

In recent incidents of impersonation fraud, fraudsters have been posing as doctors and targeting unsuspecting victims by claiming that a family member has been in a serious accident and urgently needs money for surgery. The police are urging the public to stay vigilant, verify any claims independently, and report any suspicious interactions to the local police or the Citizen’s Line at 1460.

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