electronic fraud

scam impersonation

Beware of Fraudulent Emails Impersonating Cyprus Police

Individuals are warned about deceptive emails impersonating the Cyprus Police. The scam attempts to dupe recipients into believing false accusations of criminal activities and engaging with fraudsters. To stay safe, avoid interacting with suspicious emails, adjust email settings, refrain from clicking links, and report them as spam.

education fraud

TRT Cyprus Journalist Caught in Diploma Fraud

TRT Cyprus journalist Sefa Karahasan was arrested for obtaining a fraudulent doctorate degree from Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, exposing widespread diploma fraud in Northern Cyprus’s education sector. The scandal highlights a network of complicity in falsifying academic credentials, raising concerns about the region’s academic credibility and integrity.

fraud international cooperation

Cyprus Police Involved in Nine E-Cannabis Arrests

In a groundbreaking international operation, Cyprus police, in collaboration with Europol, successfully apprehended nine suspects involved in the JuicyFields Ponzi scheme. With the seizure of €4.7 million in bank assets, €1.515 million in cryptocurrencies, and luxury items, the operation showcased the power of global cooperation in combating online fraud.

fraud investment scheme

The Anatomy of the JuicyFields Investment Fraud Scheme

This was the JuicyFields investment fraud scheme a Ponzi scheme that defrauded around 186,000 investors with promises of high returns from investing in cannabis cultivation. Following a coordinated crackdown involving over 400 officers from 11 countries, assets worth millions were seized, and nine arrests were made, exposing the scheme’s exploitation of regulatory changes in the EU cannabis market.

fraud investigation

Forged Documents Lead to Arrests in Limassol

In Limassol, two individuals were arrested for document fraud after a package with a fake European driver’s license was intercepted at a local courier company. The suspects, aged 43 and 44, are now detained to aid in the ongoing investigation and prevent evidence tampering, showcasing the authorities’ commitment to combatting such crimes and ensuring public safety.

healthcare online profiles

Gesy Beneficiaries Urged to Update Online Medical Profiles

Osak, the Patients’ Association, urges Gesy beneficiaries to update and activate their online medical profiles to protect against fraud and ensure accurate contact information for streamlined access to healthcare services. Maintaining current profiles plays a crucial role in safeguarding the integrity of the Gesy system and contributes to efficient and secure navigation of health services for beneficiaries.

fraud forgery

Paphos Police Unveil Document Forgery Scheme

In Paphos, police busted a document forgery ring, arresting three individuals and seizing counterfeit documents like driving licenses and a residence permit. The successful operation highlights the importance of international cooperation in battling document fraud and showcases the effectiveness of local law enforcement efforts in maintaining security.

education fraud

North begins investigation into fraudulent college

Yodak and Turkish Cypriot police are investigating the Cyprus Massachusetts Centre of Innovation for issuing fake student visas, aiming to protect the integrity of education and locate missing students. This inquiry seeks to ensure educational institutions are not involved in illegal activities, maintaining the quality of higher education in the region.

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