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Police investigating new case of online fraud

A Limassolbased company fell victim to an online fraud scheme where fraudsters manipulated invoices, causing the company to lose over €45,000. The police are currently investigating the incident and advising businesses to verify payment details and educate their staff on fraud prevention measures.

fraud impersonation

New Cases of Impersonation Fraud: Suspects Posing as Doctors

In recent incidents of impersonation fraud, fraudsters have been posing as doctors and targeting unsuspecting victims by claiming that a family member has been in a serious accident and urgently needs money for surgery. The police are urging the public to stay vigilant, verify any claims independently, and report any suspicious interactions to the local police or the Citizen’s Line at 1460.

legal scandal embezzlement

Legal Scandal in Nicosia: Millions Embezzled by Prominent Lawyer

A prominent lawyer in Nicosia is accused of embezzling millions from clients through a deceptive scheme resembling a pyramidscheme. The victims, from various backgrounds, were promised high returns on nonexistent property investments. The lawyer, along with accomplices, is under police investigation for these fraudulent activities.

fraud electronic fraud

Police Investigates New Case of Electronic Fraud Impacting Limassol Investment Company

An investment services firm in Limassol recently fell victim to electronic fraud where the cybercriminals embezzled over $48,000. The incident occurred when an executive at the firm received a fraudulent request from a supposed company shareholder to transfer $48,250 to an electronic wallet. The executive complied, only to later discover during a call with the real shareholder that it was not a legitimate request. The Financial Crime Prosecution Office of the Limassol CID is currently investigating the incident. The Police have issued a public warning and provided preventive measures to avoid falling victim to similar frauds.

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