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Experience a melodic journey in Cyprus’ heights with the Music in the Mountains series next month. From Classics@Home in Silikou village to classic rock and blues at John’s Restaurant in Trimiklini, and a Spanish night in Lania village, immerse yourself in a symphony of sounds under the stars.

What musical events can you experience in Cyprus’ mountains next month?

June in the Cyprus mountains features the Music in the Mountains series with three main events:
1. Classics@Home by the Triptycho Ensemble in Silikou village on June 1st.
2. Classic rock and blues at John’s Restaurant in Trimiklini with the Blue Tears trio on June 6th.
3. Spanish night with Socrates Leptos and Mariza Anastasiades on June 12th and 14th in Lania village.

A Melodic Journey in Cyprus’ Heights

The much-anticipated Music in the Mountains series is set to delight audiences yet again this summer. As the sun casts longer shadows and the air fills with the warm scents of June, the quaint villages of Cyprus prepare to host a series of enchanting musical events. The Triptycho Ensemble will inaugurate the month’s performances with their Classics@Home series on June 1st. Hidden within the serene embrace of Silikou village, a private home will open its doors to music aficionados. These exclusive recitals, accessible only to ticket holders, promise an intimate and immersive experience.

The ensemble features the talented trio of Vasilios Avraam on guitar, Sinem Sadrazam on viola, and Virginie Bove with her mellifluous flute. Together, they will weave a rich tapestry of sounds, blending the distinct flavors of Cypriot music with pieces hailing from 19th-century Vienna and the vibrant rhythms of 20th-century Latin America. It’s a rare opportunity to experience a fusion of cultures and epochs, all within the welcoming walls of a Cypriot home.

Eclectic Beats Amidst Rustic Retreats

As the series progresses, John’s Restaurant in Trimiklini will transform into a haven for classic rock and blues enthusiasts come June 6th. The Blue Tears trio, featuring Naim Korudag, Ozbil Kurtulmus, and Koray Bali, will energize the night with their renditions of timeless hits and spirited improvisations. Expect to be serenaded with soulful tunes originally performed by legends such as Sting and Otis Reading, all while enjoying the cozy ambiance of the village eatery.

The ensuing Spanish night promises to be a feast for the senses, with the sultry strings of Socrates Leptos’ guitar accompanied by the captivating vocals of soprano Mariza Anastasiades. The duo will embark on a musical odyssey spanning centuries, from the passionate strums of 16th-century Spain to the evocative rhythms of contemporary Latin America. Although the June 12th event has already captured the hearts of many, resulting in a sell-out, the enchantment continues. Leptos and Anastasiades will grace another Classics@Home event on June 14th, this time in Lania village, presenting an eclectic array of jazz, Neapolitan songs, and Greek melodies, punctuated by opera’s dramatic flair.

Summer’s Prelude to Musical Pauses

As the summer heat intensifies, Music in the Mountains will take a brief interlude, pausing its symphony of events until the cooler, whispering breezes of autumn return. The promise of more musical journeys in September and October remains, luring guests to explore the auditory delights nestled within the island’s mountainous enclaves. Until that time, each note played and every song sung will resonate with the spirit of the island, offering a prelude to more memories waiting to be made under the expansive Cypriot sky.

Indulge in the sounds of the Triptycho Ensemble, surrender to the soulful melodies of the Blue Tears, and lose yourself in the reverie of Spanish guitars and sopranos. The mountains of Cyprus await, not just with their scenic splendor, but with the promise of harmonious nights and the echoes of music that will stir the soul.

Where will the Music in the Mountains series take place next month?

The Music in the Mountains series will take place in Cyprus’ heights, with events scheduled in Silikou village, Trimiklini at John’s Restaurant, and Lania village.

Who are some of the performers participating in the upcoming musical events?

Performers at the Music in the Mountains series next month include the Triptycho Ensemble featuring Vasilios Avraam, Sinem Sadrazam, and Virginie Bove, the Blue Tears trio with Naim Korudag, Ozbil Kurtulmus, and Koray Bali, as well as Socrates Leptos and Mariza Anastasiades.

How can I attend these musical events in Cyprus’ mountains?

To attend the various musical events in Cyprus’ mountains next month, you may need to purchase tickets in advance as some events are exclusive and have limited seating. Tickets can typically be purchased online or at designated locations mentioned in the event details.

Will there be more musical events in the mountains later in the year?

After the brief interlude in the summer months, the Music in the Mountains series plans to resume its symphony of events in September and October, offering more opportunities to experience captivating musical performances amidst the scenic beauty of Cyprus’ mountainous landscapes.

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