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Bryan Adams Lights Up Cyprus: The “So Happy It Hurts” Tour

Bryan Adams is set to light up Cyprus on October 16, 2024, at Tsirio Stadium in Limassol as part of his “So Happy It Hurts Tour”, promising a memorable night of classic hits and new music. Secure your spot for this highly anticipated concert starting at €49 on the SoldOut Tickets platform, with doors opening at 6 pm and the show kicking off at 9 pm for an evening under the stars filled with timeless tunes and rock energy.

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What’s on this weekend

This weekend, immerse in a cultural extravaganza with events like “The Ultimate Rock Show” by Blaze of Glory, the “BEONIX PreFestival Party,” and Greek tragedies like “The Phoenician Women” by THOK, offering a vibrant mix of classic rock, electronic beats, and ancient drama. From Friday through Sunday, music, dance, and theatre will unite to create a lively ambiance across the island, appealing to culture enthusiasts and fiestagoers alike.

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Sibil•la Ensemble Reinvents Music of the Island’s Ages

The Sibil•la Ensemble, led by Kristia Michael, celebrates the historical music of Cyprus by blending ancient, medieval, and traditional melodies influenced by Eastern Mediterranean and Western cultures. Using a mix of historical and contemporary instruments, they create a unique auditory experience that resonates across time, bringing the island’s rich musical history to life.

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A Summer of Melodies at Aphrodite Hills

The Summer Music Festival at Aphrodite Hills Resort in Paphos is a mustvisit cultural event with live performances every Friday night and an extra show midAugust. Enjoy diverse music genres for free in an outdoor beer garden starting at 8:30 pm, creating a magical experience under the Cypriot sky.

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A Musical Odyssey: Echoes of Antiquity in Cyprus

The Sibil • la Ensemble’s performance at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation is a captivating journey through Cyprus’s musical history, featuring ancient, medieval, and traditional tunes. As part of the Faneromeni ’24 Art Festival, this concert showcases the island’s dedication to preserving its rich cultural heritage through the enchanting melodies of the past.

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What’s on this weekend

This weekend in Cyprus, get ready to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of cultural events. From the Windcraft Music Fest’s 10th anniversary in Katydata to Limassol’s free Summer Dance Festival, Sunset Ragas in Paphos, and live jazz at Pissouri’s Hill View Restaurant, there’s something for everyone to enjoy under the Mediterranean sun.

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Kostis Maraveyas Announces Summer Concert in Nicosia

Kostis Maraveyas is set to light up Nicosia with a summer concert on July 9 at the Lakatamia Municipal Amphitheatre, promising a night of classic hits and new tracks starting at 9 pm. Fans can grab their tickets online for a lively evening of music and celebration under the starry sky.

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Rumba Attack’s Summer Tour: A Musical Journey Across Cyprus

Rumba Attack’s summer tour will mesmerize audiences with flamenco and rumba rhythms at Technopolis 20 in Paphos on July 16, The Agora Hotel in Lefkara on July 26, and Paul’s Coffee Roasters in Larnaca on August 9, promising a musical journey like no other across Cyprus. Don’t miss this trio of talent – Constantinos Lyras, Memnon Arestis, and Savvas Thoma – as they blend diverse influences and captivating performances in these picturesque locations under the Mediterranean sky.

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Windcraft Music Fest: A Decade of Harmonies in Katydata

The Windcraft Music Fest in Katydata, Cyprus, is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a vibrant lineup of jazz, folk, techno brass, and more. The festival offers a unique experience with workshops, concerts, and impromptu music jams focused on wind instruments, creating a cultural nexus for music aficionados of all ages.

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