Passport Fraud Uncovered at Paphos Airport: Arrests Made

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A man was arrested at Paphos Airport for attempting to board a flight to Germany with a flagged passport that had been reported missing and used by another impersonator. In a separate incident, a woman was detained for carrying forged Belgian travel documents.

What incident of passport fraud occurred at Paphos Airport?

At Paphos Airport, a man was arrested for attempting to board a flight to Germany with a passport flagged on the stop list, previously reported missing, and used by another impersonator who was also arrested. Additionally, a woman was detained for carrying forged Belgian travel documents.

A Case of Identity Deception

Travelers at Paphos airport were witness to a surprising security incident when a 36-year-old man was apprehended by the authorities. It was around the evening bustle of 7 PM on Sunday when the police swooped in. The individual in question was caught in possession of a passport flagged on the stop list—an index of documents reported lost or stolen or otherwise invalid for travel.

The Plot Thickens

It was not just a simple case of a mistaken identity or a lost passport. The man had attempted to board a flight bound for Germany when he was stopped. His travel documents, which were German, were put under scrutiny. The officers’ vigilance paid off when they discovered the unsettling truth—this passport had been used before, and very recently, by someone else.

Paphos police CID’s own chief, Michalis Nicolaou, took charge of the situation. He relayed that the suspect had a previous record of entering Cyprus on June 17 and briefly staying until June 20. What raised eyebrows was his return with a residence permit and the discovery that on June 27, the same travel documents were misused by an unidentified person.

That individual, too, did not go unnoticed and was arrested in an undisclosed European nation for impersonation charges. Adding to the mystery, the original passport owner had reported the travel documents as missing on June 28, a day following the fraudulent use. The overlapping events painted a suspicious picture that the police were keen to investigate.

Another Arrest at the Scene

In an unrelated but equally concerning event, a woman was detained at the same airport that evening. Her attempt to travel to France was thwarted when it was revealed that the Belgian travel documents she carried bore a picture that did not match her face. Upon interrogation, she confessed to the documents being forgeries.

The Journalist Behind the News

Bringing the news to light is Andria Kades, a distinguished journalist with the Cyprus Mail. Her tenure at the publication since 2015 has seen her rise to the role of chief reporter. Kades’s journalism is marked by her dedication to uncovering corruption, advocating for human rights, and highlighting issues in mental health.

A Glimpse into Related Affairs

Cyprus remains vigilant, as other noteworthy incidents have also been making headlines:

  • A manhunt has been launched for the culprit in a €53,000 swindle.
  • In a shocking revelation, a driver was caught driving at more than five times the legal alcohol limit.
  • Thefts continue to pose a challenge, with recent reports of a man arrested for stealing a gun and ammunition.
  • Discussions are underway among MEPs regarding the confidential Cyprus report.
  • In sports, Cyprus faced a setback with a defeat in Malta.

The island remains abuzz with daily events and updates, reflecting its dynamic and multifaceted nature.

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Quick Recap

  • A man was arrested at Paphos Airport for attempting to board a flight to Germany with a flagged passport that had been reported missing and used by another impersonator.
  • A woman was detained at Paphos Airport for carrying forged Belgian travel documents.
  • The man arrested had a previous record of entering Cyprus and his passport had been misused by someone else.
  • The woman detained confessed to carrying forged documents when attempting to travel to France.
  • The Cyprus Mail journalist, Andria Kades, reported on the incidents.

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