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Four Arrested for Car Theft in Limassol and Larnaca

Four individuals were arrested for car theft in Limassol and Larnaca. Two suspects, aged 31 and 28, were apprehended in Limassol after stealing a van with valuable contents, while two youths, aged 19 and 17, were taken into custody in Larnaca for stealing €840 from an unlocked car.

money theft arrests

Arrests in Morphou for Money Theft at a Local Store

In Morphou, a 25yearold woman and a 31yearold man were arrested for stealing money from a local store’s cash register. The police identified and intercepted their vehicle due to its description, leading to their capture. The suspects were also linked to another theft case involving construction machinery.

police vigilance arrests

Intense Police Vigilance to Counter Criminal Activity

In a concentrated effort to thwart criminal activities, the police force is implementing systematic patrols, inspecting suspicious behavior, and swiftly responding to citizen reports. These proactive measures have led to numerous arrests for offenses ranging from possession of weapons to drugrelated crimes across various regions of the island.

drug trafficking arrests

Major Drug Bust in Larnaca Leads to Multiple Arrests

Authorities in Larnaca conducted a major drug bust resulting in the arrest of a young man and four others for drug possession. The operation was sparked by the discovery of 5.5 kilos of narcotics, leading to a coordinated effort by the Larnaca drug squad to dismantle the drug trade and ensure public safety.

investigation document forgery

Update on Paphos Document Forgery Investigation

The Paphos document forgery investigation has led to five arrests, with authorities delving into a scheme involving forged driving licenses and a residency permit from various European countries and Cyprus. The operation continues to unravel, with law enforcement focused on identifying all individuals involved in this criminal endeavor.

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