Detailed Report on Nicosia Café Explosion and Subsequent Arrests

explosion arrests

An explosion shook a Nicosia café, leading to the arrest of two suspects with explosives, drugs, and weapons. The 44-year-old and 24-year-old individuals face detention orders as investigations into the incident continue.

What happened at the Nicosia Café and what were the police responses?

An explosion from an improvised explosive device occurred at a Nicosia café, prompting a swift police investigation. Two suspects, aged 44 and 24, were arrested with incriminating items such as explosives, drugs, and weapons. Searches at their homes yielded further evidence. Both face detention orders as investigations continue.

Overview of the Incident

An early morning explosion shattered the calm of a Nicosia neighborhood last Saturday, focusing attention on a café that suffered extensive damage in the incident. The explosion, occurring around 4:40 am, targeted the side entrance of the establishment, raising alarms about the safety and security in the area.

Police Response and Investigation

In the aftermath of the explosion, police pyrotechnicians were quick to respond, conducting thorough examinations at the scene. Their investigation concluded that the cause of the explosion was an improvised explosive device, packed with high-powered explosives. This alarming discovery led to an immediate and extensive inquiry by local authorities.

Arrests Linked to the Incident

Detainment of a 44-Year-Old Suspect

The Nicosia police force, acting on gathered intelligence, managed to track down a 44-year-old Nicosia resident believed to be connected to the event. This individual was apprehended yesterday afternoon, after he was observed engaging in a suspicious exchange with the driver of a parked car.

Seizure of the 24-Year-Old Accomplice

Simultaneously, a 24-year-old was also detained at the scene. A subsequent search of his vehicle uncovered an array of incriminating items, including a small quantity of cocaine, three knives, five mobile phones, and a sum of €2,115 in cash. These finds have raised serious concerns and furthered the scope of the police investigation.

Searches and Seizures

Following these arrests, law enforcement officers conducted searches of the suspects’ vehicles. They discovered syringes containing an unidentified liquid, a knife, and a mobile phone in the older suspect’s car, which were all confiscated. Additionally, the younger man’s car yielded illicit drugs and other suspicious articles, prompting their arrests for crimes caught in the act.

Investigative Actions at the Residences

The operation extended to the suspects’ homes, where authorities conducted detailed searches. At the 44-year-old’s residence, officers found a small amount of cannabis and a precision scale, both of which were seized for evidence.

Judicial Proceedings

The two men were subsequently taken to the Nicosia District Court, where they faced the issuance of detention orders. The court granted an eight-day detention order for the 44-year-old, while his younger counterpart received a four-day order. These orders are to ensure that the suspects remain in custody while investigations proceed.

Ongoing Investigations

The Nicosia Criminal Investigation Department has taken the lead on the inquiry into the café explosion. Meanwhile, the drug-related elements of the case are under the jurisdiction of the Nicosia District Narcotics Department. As the situation develops, law enforcement continues its diligent work to uncover the full extent of the incident and the individuals involved.

Public Reaction and Safety Measures

While not addressed directly in the original posting, the reaction of the local community and the safety measures enacted in response to such events are typically of public interest. However, adhering to the instructions provided, this report will refrain from delving into such reflections.

The case continues to evolve as investigators piece together the chain of events leading to these arrests. The authorities remain vigilant, working to ensure the safety of Nicosia residents and to bring closure to this unsettling occurrence.

A cafe in Nicosia had an explosion, and the police arrested two suspects who had explosives, drugs, and weapons. The explosion damaged the cafe, and the police quickly investigated. They found out it was caused by a homemade bomb. One suspect, aged 44, was caught exchanging something suspicious near a parked car, while another suspect, aged 24, was found with drugs, knives, phones, and cash in his car. The police also searched their homes and found more evidence. Both suspects were taken to court and given detention orders to stay in custody while investigations continue. The police are still working to figure out the whole story behind the explosion.

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