drug trafficking arrests

Major Drug Bust in Larnaca Leads to Multiple Arrests

Authorities in Larnaca conducted a major drug bust resulting in the arrest of a young man and four others for drug possession. The operation was sparked by the discovery of 5.5 kilos of narcotics, leading to a coordinated effort by the Larnaca drug squad to dismantle the drug trade and ensure public safety.

investigation document forgery

Update on Paphos Document Forgery Investigation

The Paphos document forgery investigation has led to five arrests, with authorities delving into a scheme involving forged driving licenses and a residency permit from various European countries and Cyprus. The operation continues to unravel, with law enforcement focused on identifying all individuals involved in this criminal endeavor.

drug trafficking arrests

Second Arrest in Paphos Drug Bust

In Paphos, a routine check escalated into a car chase leading to arrests and the discovery of over one kilogram of cannabis in an abandoned bag. Authorities seized a total of 10.884 kilograms of cannabis, 1 kilogram of cocaine, and 75,000 euros in cash from the suspects’ homes, shedding light on the extensive drug trafficking in the area.

robberies police investigation

Overview of Recent Robberies in Nicosia

In response to recent robberies in Nicosia, the police conducted thorough investigations, leading to the arrest of a 24yearold woman and a 28yearold man. The community has been on high alert, but the swift arrests have brought a sense of relief, with ongoing investigations to ensure community safety and justice.

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