violence at football matches arrests

Escalation of Violence at Football Matches: Arrests and Injuries Reported

In response to a recent escalation of violence at football matches in Limassol and Nicosia, the police have made arrests and are conducting investigations under the Law on Violence in Sports Venues. The Special Police Unit intervened during clashes, and those detained face charges like possession of weapons and causing bodily harm. Ongoing inquiries aim to ensure safety and prevent future incidents.

maritime mishap arrests

Maritime Mishap: Arrests and Investigations in Paphos

In a recent maritime mishap in Paphos, an unoccupied boat stranded in Potima, Peyia, has led to arrests and a police investigation. One suspect has been arrested in Larnaca, while two others remain at large. The police have released their details to the public in order to aid in the investigation. In addition, one of the suspects is facing separate charges in Limassol for embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a crime. The police have stressed the importance of respecting privacy and personal information in their pursuit of justice.

elderly home thefts arrests

Arrest of Suspects in Elderly Home Thefts

The local police in Limassol have arrested two women, aged 42 and 27, in connection with thefts at elderly residents’ homes. Two elderly victims reported thefts on December 8, 2023, sparking an ongoing investigation to address crimes against seniors.

violence arrests

Escalating Hooliganism in Limassol Leads to Arrests

Last week in Limassol, over a hundred hooded and masked individuals engaged in a violent brawl outside a local football team’s clubhouse, resulting in severe injuries and property damage. The police have since arrested three individuals connected to the incident and are calling for the closure of certain football fan clubs to prevent further acts of hooliganism. Limassol’s law enforcement continues their persistent efforts to restore order and maintain peace in the community.

burglary theft

Three Arrests in Cyprus Linked to Burglary and Theft

The Cyprus police have made three arrests in Limassol and Famagusta for burglary and theft, recovering stolen property and securing suspects. In Limassol, two were arrested for a café burglary, and in Famagusta, another was apprehended for car theft and illegal firearm possession. Investigations continue in both cases.

armed robbery investigation

Second Arrest for Armed Robbery

The armed robbery at a kiosk in Protaras resulted in the arrest of a 35yearold man from Paphos who confessed to the crime and a 33yearold woman who was apprehended at Larnaca airport while attempting to flee Cyprus. The arrests brought a sense of safety back to the community.

murder investigation

Investigation into Limassol Murder Case Advances with Arrests

Significant progress has been made in the murder investigation of Thanasis Kalogeropoulos in Limassol with the arrest of two male suspects aged 41 and 44. The suspects are currently under investigation for premeditated murder. The murder, believed to be a gangland shooting, involved Kalogeropoulos being shot 10 times. One suspect from Paphos matched a figure captured on CCTV footage and is suspected to have been one of those involved in the escape after the murder.

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