Surveillance and Arrests in Limassol: Tackling Money Laundering

money laundering surveillance

A surveillance operation in Limassol led to arrests of individuals for money laundering, with over €869,000, $22,539, and £1,375 seized along with various equipment. Conducted by the Limassol Drug Law Enforcement Unit, the investigation remains ongoing to uncover further details and additional perpetrators.

What was the outcome of the surveillance operation in Limassol?

The Limassol surveillance operation led to the arrest of individuals for money laundering. €161,425 was found on a suspect, and further searches revealed €706,300, $22,539, and £1,375, along with currency counting machines and empty envelopes. The operation was conducted by the Limassol Drug Law Enforcement Unit.

In a recent operation conducted by the Limassol Drug Law Enforcement Unit, two individuals were arrested on charges of illegal possession of property and engaging in money laundering derived from illicit activities. The suspects, foreigners aged 33 and 34, were apprehended following a period of discreet surveillance on a property suspected to be the hub of these activities.

Covert Operations Lead to Arrests

The investigation began with the careful monitoring of a property under suspicion for being involved in money laundering operations. This property was kept under the vigilant eyes of the law enforcement unit to gather sufficient evidence and understand the workings of the potential criminal activity.

The Stakeout and Initial Capture

As the surveillance continued, the situation unfolded around noon on a significant day when a vehicle was spotted outside the property. A person was seen leaving the property and getting into the passenger seat of the car. This prompted immediate action from the authorities. The Drug Law Enforcement Unit officers stopped the vehicle to interrogate the occupants and checked their identification. It was revealed that the driver and the passenger were foreigners, 33 and 34 years old, respectively.

The Discovery and Seizure

During the search that followed, officers discovered 17 envelopes filled with cash in the possession of the 34-year-old passenger. In the presence of the suspect, the envelopes were opened and the money counted, totaling €161,425. The 34-year-old was subsequently arrested for illegal possession of property and was taken to the offices of the Limassol Drug Law Enforcement Unit for further processing.

Searches Reveal More

The incident at the vehicle led to further searches within the property itself. There, another individual, a 41-year-old claiming to be a shareholder of the property, was present. This individual, along with the 33-year-old driver, was brought in for questioning at the law enforcement unit’s offices.

The thorough search of the premises yielded an even larger haul of various currencies, totaling €706,300, $22,539, and £1,375 in British pounds. Authorities also found two currency counting machines and empty paper envelopes, presumptively used for packing the money.

Additional Findings at the Suspect’s Residence

Further investigation led officers to the residence of the 34-year-old suspect. At this location, additional evidence was discovered, including a sum of €815, several mobile phones, and more empty envelopes similar to those used for packaging money at the property under surveillance.

Arrests and Continuing Investigations

Based on the evidence collected and judicial warrants issued, both the 34-year-old and the 41-year-old were arrested and placed in custody. Their detention marks a significant breakthrough in the case and demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the Limassol Drug Law Enforcement Unit to combat economic crimes.

The Economic Crime Investigation Office, under the same unit, is actively continuing its examinations to unearth the full extent of the illegal activities and to identify any additional perpetrators involved in this money laundering scheme.

In simple words, the police in Limassol were watching a place suspected of illegal money activities. They saw two people leave the place with a lot of money. They arrested them and found even more money at the place. Now they are investigating further to find out who else might be involved.

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