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identity deception forged documentation

Identity Deception Leads to Arrest in Paphos

The arrest of a woman in Paphos due to a forged Latvian identity card highlights the importance of thorough vetting processes for employers. Violating immigration laws by hiring workers with falsified documents not only jeopardizes legal compliance but also undermines the integrity of the labor market.

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Exploring Identity and Gender Through Dance: Say Yes! Again and Again

*Say Yes! Again and Again* is a dance performance that explores identity and gender through movement and spoken word. It presents personal experiences and social norms, sparking dialogue on social justice issues and inspired by Maree Brown’s “Pleasure Activism”. The performance will take place at Theatro Dentro in Nicosia on December 27th and at Rialto Theatre in Limassol on December 28th, with tickets priced between €5 and €7.

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