The Kolan Hospital Group: A Beacon of Medical Excellence in Turkey and North Cyprus

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🏥 The Kolan Hospital Group: A Beacon of Medical Excellence in Turkey and North Cyprus

Established in 1997, the Kolan Hospital Group is a symbol of trust and quality healthcare in Turkey. With nine hospitals under its banner, the group provides top-notch medical care, excelling in surgical procedures, IVF treatments, and dental services. Their multi-purpose facility in Nicosia, North Cyprus, houses specialists in various medical fields, offering personalized service and cutting-edge healthcare. Check out their website or contact them for more information on their range of services. 🌟

What is the Kolan Hospital Group and what are its key features?

The Kolan Hospital Group, established in 1997, is a beacon of medical excellence in Turkey and North Cyprus. It has nine hospitals providing high-quality healthcare services, with its multi-purpose facility in Nicosia, North Cyprus, housing specialists in various medical fields. The hospital excels in surgical procedures, offers cutting-edge IVF treatments, has a fully-equipped biochemical laboratory and radiology department, and provides dental services. It also offers a range of health check-up packages and a dedicated staff providing personalized service.

Established in 1997, the Kolan Hospital Group has become a symbol of trust and quality healthcare in Turkey. With nine large hospitals under its banner, the group has made significant strides in health services, providing top-notch medical care to thousands of patients every year.

Expanding Horizons: The Emergence of the Kolan Hospital in North Cyprus

In December 2012, the group marked a significant milestone with the opening of a multi-purpose, 24/7 hospital in Nicosia, North Cyprus. This facility was established with the overarching goal of reaching the zenith of health service quality. The hospital caters to the needs of patients and their families with its well-designed rooms, polyclinics, surgery rooms, and intensive care units.

The Medical Specialists

The hospital houses 26 physicians who are specialists in their respective fields of medicine. These areas include Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Heart & Vascular Surgery, ENT, Neurology, Brain & Spinal Surgery, Orthopaedic & Trauma Department, Paediatrics, Urology, Dermatology, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Dental surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics and IVF.

Surgical Excellence

The hospital has carved a niche for itself in open heart and coronary bypass surgeries along with heart valve replacements. It also specializes in laparoscopic surgeries, microsurgeries, and a variety of other procedures conducted in three state-of-the-art operating rooms.

Orthopaedic & Trauma Team

The hospital’s Orthopaedic & Trauma team consistently conducts operations on foreign patients, who, due to long waiting periods in their home countries, seek treatment here. There has been a marked increase in such patients in the past year.

Cutting-Edge IVF Treatments

Their advanced IVF treatments include egg, sperm and embryo donation, freezing of eggs, and blastocyst transfers. The hospital also offers tailor-made treatment packages that cover accommodation and flights for individual patients.

Biochemical Laboratory and Radiology Department

The hospital has a fully equipped biochemical laboratory that uses the latest technology and equipment. The Radiology department is fitted with an MRI machine, computerized tomography, ultrasound, X-Ray, mammography, and a bone density machine.

Dental Services

Their dental surgeon offers a range of services including bleaching, contouring & bonding, full aesthetic crowns & veneers, laminated veneers, bridges, and full dentures. They can also perform a ‘smile makeover’ in just a day!

Health Check-Up Packages

The hospital offers an extensive range of health check-up packages for various age groups and conditions. Many patients who live abroad take advantage of these health checks while on vacation in North Cyprus.

The Staff: A Pillar of Support

The staff at the Kolan British Hospital provides personalized service to all patients, from initial consultation to hospital stay. They understand the importance of a friendly and supportive environment, especially when patients are in a foreign country.

Kolan British Medical Centre in Kyrenia

In the summer of 2014, the Kolan British Medical Centre was established in Kyrenia, North Cyprus as a small clinic and 24-hour general medical practice. It has its own ambulance, laboratory, and X-ray facilities, along with a team of general practitioners and a cardiology service.

Kolan British Hospital at Ercan Airport

The Kolan British Hospital also operates a small medical unit within Ercan Airport. This facility has a nurse and an ambulance ready to deal with emergencies and transport patients to the main hospital if required.

Reaching Out to Patients

The hospital is committed to serving patients seeking high-quality medical care at an affordable price. It offers the option for patients to receive medical care while enjoying the serene beauty of North Cyprus.

For more information, visit their website or reach them at +0392 680 80 80 or

Lessons Learned

The Kolan Hospital Group has demonstrated several key lessons in the field of healthcare:

  1. Expansion and diversification can lead to improved healthcare services: The opening of the multi-purpose hospital in Nicosia, North Cyprus in 2012 allowed the Kolan Hospital Group to reach new heights in terms of quality healthcare. By expanding their facilities and diversifying their services, they were able to cater to a wider range of patients and provide personalized, cutting-edge care in various medical fields.

  2. Addressing the needs of international patients is crucial: The Kolan Hospital Group recognized the growing demand for healthcare services from foreign patients who faced long waiting periods in their home countries. By offering specialized services such as orthopedic and trauma surgeries, IVF treatments, and dental services, they were able to attract and accommodate international patients. This reflects the importance of understanding the specific needs and preferences of diverse patient populations and tailoring services accordingly.

Overall, the success of the Kolan Hospital Group can be attributed to their commitment to continuous improvement, expansion, and providing high-quality, personalized healthcare services. By actively addressing the needs of patients and staying abreast of advancements in medical technology, they have set themselves apart as a beacon of medical excellence in Turkey and North Cyprus.

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