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Nurses’ Strike Averted Through Last-Minute Negotiations

The nurses’ strike was averted through lastminute negotiations when Okypy offered to recruit additional staff, addressing concerns over staffing levels. This resolution prevented the planned industrial action by nurses, ensuring continued patient care and highlighting the importance of workforce stability in healthcare.

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Cyprus to launch 20 new e-services by July 2024

Cyprus is set to revolutionize government services with the launch of 20 new eservices by July 2024. These digital offerings, accessible through the portal and digital citizen applications, will simplify tasks like obtaining identity cards, passports, and vital records, marking a significant advancement in bureaucratic efficiency and citizen convenience.

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Sustained Support for Okypy’s Healthcare Services

By approving extended financial support for Okypy until May 31, 2025, the government ensures stability and access to healthcare services for the public, countering the impacts of the Covid19 pandemic on the organization. This ongoing aid reflects the state’s unwavering commitment to providing essential healthcare services to all residents of the country, emphasizing the importance of a robust public healthcare infrastructure.

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Challenges and Sustainability of Gesy: Analyzing the National Health Scheme of Cyprus

The National Health Scheme of Cyprus, Gesy, faces challenges such as overutilization due to free services leading to unnecessary medical procedures and patient demands. The report highlights the need for systemic improvements to ensure the scheme’s longterm sustainability and prevent potential financial exploitation, calling for a cultural shift towards responsible healthcare utilization and stricter oversight of referrals by personal doctors.

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The Kolan Hospital Group: A Beacon of Medical Excellence in Turkey and North Cyprus

🏥 The Kolan Hospital Group: A Beacon of Medical Excellence in Turkey and North Cyprus Established in 1997, the Kolan Hospital Group is a symbol of trust and quality healthcare in Turkey. With nine hospitals under its banner, the group provides topnotch medical care, excelling in surgical procedures, IVF treatments, and dental services. Their multipurpose facility in Nicosia, North Cyprus, houses specialists in various medical fields, offering personalized service and cuttingedge healthcare. Check out their website or contact them for more information on their range of services. 🌟

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Affordable Medical Testing in North Cyprus

Discover the affordable healthcare services available in North Cyprus with the Vedat Özünlü Laboratory. This familyowned, private medical laboratory has been providing comprehensive clinical diagnostic services since 1980, including genetic tests, hematology, DNA tests, and pet services. With quick test results, excellent communication, and expert interpretation of findings, they aim to provide highquality healthcare services in a convenient and efficient manner. Contact them at or call 0392 227 51 70 to learn more.

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