Comprehensive Guide to Match Day Arrangements: Pafos F.C. vs. APOEL

stadium entry seating and parking arrangements

In preparation for the highly anticipated match between Pafos F.C. and APOEL on December 17, 2023, important match day arrangements have been put in place. The “Stelios Kyriakidis” stadium will open at 16:30 for the 18:00 kickoff, with separate seating and parking areas for each team’s fans. Strict rules regarding prohibited items and behavior will be enforced, with police present to ensure safety and assist with any inquiries.

What are the Match Day arrangements for the Pafos F.C. vs. APOEL game?

  • Stadium opens at 16:30 for the 18:00 kickoff at “Stelios Kyriakidis” stadium.
  • Pafos F.C. fans: Western stands and parking; tickets at northern booth.
  • APOEL fans: Eastern stands, part of northern parking; no ticket sales at stadium.
  • Rules: No flares, offensive materials, graffiti, backpacks, or fence tampering.
  • Lost items: Eastern booth for APOEL, western for Pafos F.C.
  • Police present for assistance; call Pafos Police at 26806060 for info.

In anticipation of the thrilling football encounter between Pafos F.C. and APOEL, scheduled for Sunday, December 17, 2023, comprehensive arrangements have been made to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees. The match, set to kick off at 18:00, will be held at the “Stelios Kyriakidis” stadium, a venue renowned for hosting exciting football showdowns.

Pre-Match Information and Stadium Entry

As part of the cooperative spirit between the Police and the community, an earnest appeal is made to all football enthusiasts to embody the spirit of sportsmanship and mutual respect. In an effort to facilitate a seamless entry, the stadium gates will be welcoming fans from 16:30. It is highly recommended for supporters to plan an early arrival to circumvent any potential delays or inconveniences.

Seating and Parking Arrangements for Pafos F.C. Fans

Devotees of Pafos F.C. have been allocated the western stands of the stadium. Accordingly, fans are encouraged to park their vehicles in the adjacent western parking area for easier access. Pafos F.C. fans can also look forward to purchasing their tickets at the northern ticket booth, which will also open at 16:30, ensuring ample time to secure a spot before the match begins.

APOEL Supporters’ Seating and Parking Directions

Supporters of APOEL will claim their space in the eastern stands, and it’s advisable for them to park their vehicles on the corresponding eastern side of the stadium. A portion of the northern parking area is also designated for APOEL fans’ use, with a diagram provided to guide them to their spots. However, it is important to note that APOEL fans will not have the option to purchase tickets at the stadium.

Stadium Rules and Regulations

To guarantee an incident-free event, the following rules have been instituted for the safety and enjoyment of all present:

  • The introduction of flares, firecrackers, and other hazardous materials into the stadium is strictly forbidden.
  • Banners or clothing bearing political, offensive, or provocative messages or symbols are not allowed.
  • Any form of graffiti, including slogan writing in and around the stadium, is prohibited.
  • Back-packs and motorcycle helmets are barred from entry into the stadium.
  • Climbing or tampering with stadium fences is outlawed.

Non-compliance with these rules will lead to immediate expulsion from the stadium with no legal recourse, even if the offender holds a valid ticket. Further consequences may include substantial fines.

Lost and Prohibited Items Collection Points

APOEL supporters can retrieve any confiscated items from the eastern ticket booths, while Pafos F.C. fans can do so at the western ticket booths.

Traffic and Parking Enforcement

Vehicular congestion is a common concern; hence, parking on the roundabouts or road embankments surrounding the stadium is strictly prohibited. Violators will face legal actions for any infringements.

Police Presence and Assistance

The Police will be actively present not only within the sports venue but also in the nearby areas to ensure crowd safety and to assist with traffic flow for both arrivals and departures. Those seeking assistance or information can reach the Pafos Police at 26806060.

Remember, the role of the Police extends beyond enforcement; they are there to safeguard and enhance the match day experience for everyone involved. Let’s come together to celebrate the beautiful game and the camaraderie it inspires.

There is a big soccer match happening between Pafos F.C. and APOEL on December 17, 2023. To make sure everything goes smoothly and safely, there are some important things to know. The stadium will open at 16:30 for the 18:00 kickoff. Pafos F.C. fans should go to the western stands and park in the western parking area. They can buy tickets at the northern booth. APOEL fans should go to the eastern stands and can park in part of the northern parking area. They cannot buy tickets at the stadium. There are rules that everyone needs to follow, like no flares, offensive materials, graffiti, backpacks, or tampering with fences. If you lose something, you can go to the booth on the eastern side for APOEL or the booth on the western side for Pafos F.C. The police will be there to help and you can call the Pafos Police at 26806060 for information. It’s important to be respectful and have a good time at the match.

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