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A Comprehensive Guide for AEL – APOLLON Match Attendance

The upcoming football match between AEL and APOLLON at ALPHAMEGA Stadium is set to be an exciting event for fans. To ensure a seamless experience, fans should arrive 30 minutes before kickoff, undergo security checks, and present a valid fan card and ticket. AEL fans will access Central, East, and South Stands, while APOLLON fans will access the North Stand. Fans should follow transportation and parking instructions and adhere to safety regulations. Cooperation with traffic management and police is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Comprehensive Guide to Match Day Arrangements: Pafos F.C. vs. APOEL

In preparation for the highly anticipated match between Pafos F.C. and APOEL on December 17, 2023, important match day arrangements have been put in place. The “Stelios Kyriakidis” stadium will open at 16:30 for the 18:00 kickoff, with separate seating and parking areas for each team’s fans. Strict rules regarding prohibited items and behavior will be enforced, with police present to ensure safety and assist with any inquiries.

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The AEK vs APOEL Football Match: A Comprehensive Guide

On Sunday, 05/11/2023, at 18:00, the AEK vs APOEL football match will take place at the AEK ARENA stadium in Larnaca. The gates will open at 16:30 for fans to enter and find their seats. AEK fans will be seated in the West, South, and East stands, while APOEL fans will be in the North Stand. There will be no ticket sales at the stadium on match day. Both teams and fans are expected to adhere to stadium regulations and show good sportsmanship. Traveling tips and road closure notices are also provided for fans attending the match.

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