Comprehensive Security Measures for APOEL vs ANORTHOSIS Football Match

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On Sunday, November 26, 2023, a pivotal match will unfold at the ALPHA MEGA Stadium in Limassol, with APOEL facing off against ANORTHOSIS. The Police have released a detailed set of security measures to ensure the safety and orderly conduct of the event, including specific arrangements for APOEL and ANORTHOSIS fans, prohibited items, parking directions, and emergency contact information. Fans are urged to arrive early, follow entry protocols, and comply with the rules to ensure an enjoyable and secure football match experience.

What are the security measures for the APOEL vs ANORTHOSIS football match?

On Sunday, November 26, 2023, a pivotal match will unfold at the ALPHA MEGA Stadium in Limassol, with APOEL facing off against ANORTHOSIS. The match, set to begin at 7:00 p.m., is part of the A’ Division championship under the auspices of the Cyprus Football Association (CFA). To ensure the safety and orderly conduct of the event, the Police have released a detailed set of security measures.

Pre-Match Details

The stadium gates are scheduled to open at 5:15 p.m., providing ample time for fans to settle in before the kickoff. It’s advised that attendees arrive at least 40 minutes early to facilitate a smooth entry. However, it’s important to note that latecomers will be permitted entry after the game starts, mitigating the risk of missing the match.

Ticketing and Entry Protocol

Upon arrival, fans will undergo a fan card check. Subsequent entry will be through turnstiles upon presentation of a valid ticket. There’s a special provision for checking children’s entrance tickets, so guardians should carry the relevant identity documentation.

APOEL Fan Arrangements

Exclusively for APOEL supporters, the central (west), east, and south stands will be available. The corresponding entrances—W1, W2, S1, S3, E1, E2, and the VIP entrance—will be operational. APOEL fans must bear in mind that access to the stadium is contingent upon the specific stand detailed on the ticket, with no exceptions.

Directions and Parking for APOEL Fans

APOEL enthusiasts should approach ALPHA MEGA Stadium via the Paphos highway, taking the exit towards Kolossi, and then turning right over the flyover towards the arena. Designated parking spaces will be provided for these fans.

ANORTHOSIS Fan Arrangements

The northern stand is reserved for ANORTHOSIS followers, with entrance N2 being the sole point of access. Similar to APOEL fans, ANORTHOSIS supporters must adhere to the stand allocation specified on their tickets.

Directions and Parking for ANORTHOSIS Fans

Visiting team supporters should take the highway to Paphos, exit towards Fragma Kourri, and proceed via Parthenonos Street, taking the first right turn towards the stadium. Designated visitor parking areas will be available for ANORTHOSIS fans.

Prohibited Items and Conduct

Several restrictions are in place to maintain order:

  • Flares, firecrackers, and other dangerous items are banned.
  • Banners with political or offensive content, as well as political symbols on clothing, are not allowed.
  • Defacing any area of the stadium with slogans is prohibited.
  • Carrying backpacks and motorcycle helmets into the stadium is forbidden.
  • Climbing stadium fences and covering faces in the stadium or stands is not permitted.
  • Non-compliance with these rules may result in expulsion from the stadium without refund or legal recourse and potential arrest and fines.

Collection Points for Prohibited Items

For the convenience of fans, collection points are set up outside Entrance N2 for ANORTHOSIS fans and near the South Ticket Booths for APOEL fans to deposit prohibited items.

Conduct and Safety Enforcement

Both clubs and the Police urge fans to display sportsmanship and behave civilly. A robust presence of Police officers and stewards will be maintained throughout the stadium to assist and protect attendees, ensuring a smooth experience. Fans are encouraged to heed instructions from the authorities.

Traffic and Police Presence

Anticipating heavy traffic, motorists are advised to exercise caution and follow Police directions. Police will be on hand to aid in traffic facilitation and to prevent any violent conduct.

Emergency Contact Information

For any concerns or emergencies, fans can reach the Limassol Police at 25-805050, the Citizen Line at 1460, and for immediate assistance, dial 112.

Fans are provided with an attached diagram outlining the recommended routes for accessing the ALPHA MEGA Stadium.

By adhering to these comprehensive measures, fans can anticipate an enjoyable and secure football match experience.

The police have put in place a set of rules and precautions to make sure that the APOEL vs ANORTHOSIS football match is safe and runs smoothly. These measures include specific arrangements for fans of both teams, a list of items that are not allowed, directions and parking instructions, and emergency contact information. Fans are encouraged to arrive early, follow the rules, and cooperate with the authorities to ensure a pleasant and secure experience at the match.

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