Comprehensive Guide to Match-Day Arrangements for APOEL vs ANORTHOSIS

sports match-day arrangements

The comprehensive guide provides all the necessary information for fans attending the APOEL vs ANORTHOSIS football match at GSP Stadium. It includes details on opening and arrival instructions, ticket and identification checks, parking and access for both sets of fans, post-match protocol, prohibited items and activities, collection points for personal belongings, parking regulations, and the police presence to ensure safety and traffic facilitation.

What are the match-day arrangements for the APOEL vs ANORTHOSIS football game?

The eagerly anticipated football face-off between APOEL and ANORTHOSIS is set to take place at GSP Stadium for the 18th round of the CYTA championship. This guide offers a detailed breakdown of the essential adjustments and security protocols implemented for the event.

Opening and Arrival Instructions

The GSP Stadium is scheduled to open its gates to the public at 15:00 on Saturday, January 6, well ahead of the 17:00 kickoff. To ensure a smooth and efficient entry, fans are encouraged to plan their arrival at least 45 minutes before the match begins. This proactive approach will help in avoiding any unnecessary delays or inconveniences. Latecomers will be allowed entry post-kickoff subject to the completion of stringent security checks at the gates.

Ticket and Identification Checks

A special emphasis is being placed on the verification of children’s entrance tickets. It is advisable to carry a valid ID card which may be required to confirm the identity linked to the ticket. Furthermore, all fans must possess and be ready to display their fan card along with their entrance ticket to gain access to the stands.

Parking and Stadium Access for APOEL Fans

Fans of APOEL have designated seating in the western, eastern, and southern stands. To facilitate their arrival, it is recommended to approach the stadium via the circular junction of GSP and Independence Avenue. Parking provisions have been allocated in the western and southern areas. Ticket booths for APOEL supporters will operate from 15:00 exclusively at the western side of the stadium.

Directions and Parking for ANORTHOSIS Supporters

Supporters of ANORTHOSIS are allocated the northern stands. They are advised to approach the stadium using the highway at the Kalamon Circular Junction, taking a left turn at the “ORFANIDIS” traffic lights, and proceeding on Dimitri Vikelas Street to the designated northern parking space. It is important to note that barriers will be placed to restrict the movement of APOEL fans in the proximity of the northern stand and there will be no ticket booths for ANORTHOSIS fans on match day.

Post-Match Protocol

Depending on the outcome of the match, ANORTHOSIS fans may be required to remain in the stands briefly after the conclusion of the game. This measure is part of the overall crowd management strategy to ensure the safety and security of all attendees.

Prohibited Items and Activities

To maintain a secure environment, the following are strictly banned:

  • Flares, fireworks, and other hazardous objects.
  • Alcoholic beverages both inside and outside the stadium.
  • Banners and clothing with political, offensive, or provocative content.
  • Graffiti and slogan writing on stadium premises.
  • Backpacks, motorcyclists with full-face helmets, and climbing on fences.

Non-compliance with these rules could result in expulsion, arrest, fines, and forfeiture of any legal recourse, even with a valid match ticket.

Collection Points for Personal Belongings

Personal belongings can be deposited at designated collection points which are located at the western ticket booths for APOEL fans and the northern ticket booths for ANORTHOSIS fans.

Parking Regulations and Enforcement

Parking near the new circular junction on the Nicosia-Limassol highway and on the embankments surrounding the stadium is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be subject to reports and enforced penalties.

Police Presence and Traffic Facilitation

The Police are committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment at sports venues. They will be present around GSP Stadium not only to ensure safety but also to facilitate traffic flow during arrival and departure of fans.

Contacting the Police

For assistance, the Police can be reached at 22-802020 or the Citizen Line at 1460. In emergency situations, the number to dial is 112.

In simple words, this is a guide for fans who are going to watch the football match between APOEL and ANORTHOSIS at the GSP Stadium. It tells fans what time the stadium opens, when they should arrive, and what they need to bring for ticket and identification checks. It also gives instructions on where fans should park and enter the stadium based on which team they support. After the match, ANORTHOSIS fans may need to stay in the stands for a short while for safety. The guide also lists things that fans are not allowed to bring or do, such as flares, alcohol, offensive banners, and backpacks. There are also designated areas to leave personal belongings. The guide mentions that parking near the stadium is not allowed and the police will be present to ensure safety and help with traffic. Fans can contact the police for assistance or in case of an emergency.

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