Christmas Villages in Cyprus Anticipate Record Turnout

christmas villages cyprus

The Christmas Villages in Cyprus are gearing up for a record turnout this year, offering a festive experience filled with lights, crafts, and local traditions. From enchanting constructions in Kyperounda to celebrations of local products in Dherynia, visitors can expect a season to remember as they explore the unique offerings in each village and immerse themselves in the warm communal spirit of Cyprus.

What are the features of Christmas Villages in Cyprus?

Christmas Villages in Cyprus offer a festive experience enriched by local culture and traditions. Features include:

  • Decorated streets with lights and crafts
  • Unique experiences in each village
  • Activities and performances for all ages
  • Celebrations of local products, like Dherynia’s strawberries
  • Enchanting constructions, like Kyperounda’s elf house and Santa’s residence
  • Seasonal workshops, music events, and street performers

A Festive Frenzy

Cyprus is already sparkling with festive cheer as holiday preparations are underway. The island’s Christmas Villages, established in various communities, have flung open their doors. There’s an air of excitement as organisers and volunteers deck the halls with lights and decorations, craft stalls brimming with goodies, and an array of activities to delight visitors of all ages.

Celebratory Highlights Across the Island

Each village offers a unique experience, enriched by local culture and traditions. Last year’s success saw visitor numbers soar, exceeding 200,000 across the season, leaving community leaders like Christos Tirimos of Fikardou—a UNESCO World Heritage site—pondering how to accommodate the influx on their narrow streets.

In Lefkara, Mayor Sofoklis Sofokleous promises an experience to remember, with towering Christmas trees set to dazzle attendees. The village, he says, will serve as a beacon of joy amidst life’s challenges, offering memories to cherish in “one of the nicest villages in the world.”

Nicosia’s Old Charm

Laiki Yitonia in Nicosia’s old town adds its traditional charm to the festivities. Despite its proximity to the city’s heart, it stands as a quaint haven from the urban rush. The municipality has curated a diverse program, from stand-up comedy and retro nights to workshops and performances, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

A Strawberry Surprise

Dherynia, famed for its strawberries, is showcasing its renowned produce with a festive twist. Mayor Andros Karayiannis hints at year-round availability of the fruit, promising “the best strawberries!” This year’s theme aims to elevate the experience, with an enriched play area for kids and a plethora of gastronomic delights.

Treasure Hunts and Fairy Lights

Kyperounda is setting up treasure hunts and constructing enchanting features like an elf house and Santa’s residence. Konstantinos Konstantinou from the community council notes the growing interest each year, accentuating the warm communal spirit the event fosters. Even if the weather turns, he recalls, people gather in droves to celebrate.

Roses and Venetian Charm

Agros, with its rose-infused products, and Kalopanayiotis, with its Venetian legacy, are also transforming into winter wonderlands. Expect to find workshops, music events, and street performers adding to the allure of the villages, illuminated by fairy lights and bustling with activity.

Plan Your Visit

The Christmas villages are open from November 25 or 26 until January 14. Visitors are encouraged to check the official schedules or village Facebook pages for specific opening hours and events, as some locations will be weekend-exclusive initially.

A Season to Remember

This year’s Christmas Villages are not just about revelry but also about revitalizing community spirit and sharing the warmth of the season. With each village offering a distinct flavor of celebration, Cyprus is set to provide a cornucopia of Christmas cheer for all who join in the festivities.

Quick Recap

  • Christmas Villages in Cyprus offer a festive experience enriched by local culture and traditions.
  • Each village offers a unique experience, with decorated streets, activities, and celebrations of local products.
  • Nicosia’s old town adds traditional charm to the festivities with a diverse program of events.
  • Dherynia showcases its renowned strawberries with a festive twist, including an enriched play area for kids.
  • Kyperounda constructs enchanting features like an elf house and Santa’s residence, fostering a warm communal spirit.

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