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christmas villages cyprus

Christmas Villages in Cyprus Anticipate Record Turnout

The Christmas Villages in Cyprus are gearing up for a record turnout this year, offering a festive experience filled with lights, crafts, and local traditions. From enchanting constructions in Kyperounda to celebrations of local products in Dherynia, visitors can expect a season to remember as they explore the unique offerings in each village and immerse themselves in the warm communal spirit of Cyprus.

christmas village laiki yitonia

Laiki Yitonia Embodies the Festive Spirit with Christmas Village

Laiki Yitonia Christmas Village in Nicosia is a lively and enchanting holiday destination, offering over 200 hours of entertainment from November 26th to January 14th. With a variety of activities, from musical performances to culinary delights, the event caters to visitors of all ages and aims to celebrate the magic of the season while promoting Cypriot traditions and culture.

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