Varosha’s Resurgence Attracts Multitudes

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Varosha, a once abandoned town since 1974, has seen a resurgence with 1.8 million visitors flocking to its reopened gates in 2020. This revival symbolizes hope for economic prosperity and peaceful coexistence between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, transforming Varosha into a bustling hub for tourism and commerce.

What is the significance of Varosha’s resurgence?

Varosha, a historical town deserted since 1974, has seen a resurgence with 1.8 million visitors since reopening in 2020. The revitalization represents a potential economic and communal rebirth, fostering coexistence and cooperation between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, while also transforming Varosha into a symbol of peace and a hub for tourism and commerce.

A Historical Town Reawakens

Varosha, once a ghost town since the tumultuous events of 1974, has welcomed a staggering 1.8 million visitors since its gates reopened in October 2020. This resurgence came after a momentous decision jointly made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the northern Cypriot leadership. The reopening marked a significant turn in the fortunes of a town that had stood still in time, untouched and uninhabited for over four decades.

Prior to its closure following the Turkish invasion, Varosha was a thriving tourist hotspot, known for its glittering coastline and bustling streets. Its revitalization has breathed new life into the area, which now teems with curious visitors eager to witness the transformation of this once abandoned district.

Revitalization Amidst Political Deliberations

The recent influx of visitors to Varosha came into the spotlight during a report discussion by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). The report, penned by PACE’s rapporteur Piero Fassino after a May visit, underlined the potential for Varosha to flourish once more as a vibrant urban area, contingent upon the agreement between the communities involved.

The discussions in Oslo touched on the broader context of the Cyprus issue, with the rapporteur stressing the urgency of finding a United Nations-facilitated resolution. The vision for Varosha’s future, as outlined by Fassino and aligned with the sentiments of Serdar Denktash, son of late Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash, involves transforming Varosha into a hub of free trade and communal living for both Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Economic Potential as a Catalyst for Coexistence

Serdar Denktash’s proposition for Varosha’s future centers on creating an economic zone that serves as a magnet for both communities, fostering cooperation and joint activities over political recognition. His views reflect a pragmatic stance aimed at cultivating a shared desire for cohabitation and collaboration within Varosha.

His pragmatic approach mirrors past successes, recalling the unilateral steps taken to open crossing points that have since facilitated smooth cross-communal interactions. The vision for Varosha, therefore, is not just about economic rejuvenation but also about the tangible benefits of coexistence.

Varosha’s Vibrant Transition

The transformation of Varosha is not solely a tale of increasing visitor numbers. It is an unfolding narrative of a town that is reclaiming its place on the map—a locale that once thrived on tourism and commerce. Today, Varosha stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Cypriots and the power of strategic economic initiatives in uniting communities.

The future of Varosha appears poised for growth, with plans and proposals that could redefine the area as a symbol of cooperation and peace. As residents and visitors alike traverse the streets of Varosha, the town’s revival serves as a beacon of hope, signalling a new chapter in its storied history.

How many visitors have flocked to Varosha since its reopening in 2020?

Since reopening its gates in 2020, Varosha has welcomed an impressive 1.8 million visitors, marking a significant resurgence for the once abandoned town.

What led to the revitalization of Varosha after decades of abandonment?

The resurgence of Varosha came after a joint decision by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the northern Cypriot leadership, signaling a new chapter for the town that had remained deserted since 1974.

What are the potential economic and communal benefits of Varosha’s revival?

The revitalization of Varosha represents a potential economic and communal rebirth, fostering cooperation between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Plans to transform Varosha into a hub for tourism and commerce could bring about economic prosperity and peaceful coexistence.

What is the vision for Varosha’s future, as proposed by Serdar Denktash?

Serdar Denktash envisions Varosha becoming an economic zone that attracts both Greek and Turkish Cypriots, fostering cooperation and joint activities as a catalyst for coexistence. This pragmatic approach aims to promote shared living and collaboration within Varosha, beyond political recognition.

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