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Cyprus Tops European Rankings for Pristine Bathing Waters

In a resounding victory, Cyprus emerges as the European leader with 97.6% of its bathing waters rated ‘excellent’, as confirmed by the European Environment Agency (EEA). The island’s pristine beaches have surpassed all others in terms of cleanliness and safety, solidifying its status as the top beach destination in Europe.

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Tourism minister stresses importance of beach sustainability

Cyprus Tourism Minister Kostas Koumis stresses the importance of beach sustainability for future tourism and the environment, advocating for protection against plastic pollution and community involvement. Speaking at the ‘Beach without Plastics’ event in Ayia Napa, Koumis emphasizes education and shared responsibility in preserving the natural beauty of Cyprus’s coastlines for generations to come.

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Cyprus Economic Stability Amid Fiscal Trials

Cyprus’s economic stability remains strong amid fiscal trials, thanks to resilient domestic sectors like real estate, retail sales, and electricity generation. Despite global economic downturns, local economic activities and wellinformed financial journalism have helped the country weather international pressures and maintain growth rates.

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Cyprus Business Now

Cyprus witnessed a 15% surge in tourism revenue in February 2024 compared to the previous year, totaling €65.1 million and marking a robust 7.9% yearonyear growth in the industry. The Bank of Cyprus introduced electronic dividend distributions to enhance shareholder interactions, while Freedom Holding Corp.’s CEO discussed the company’s strategic operations, highlighting its role as a significant employer in Cyprus.

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Cyprus Hoteliers Anticipate Challenging Summer Season

Cyprus hoteliers are bracing for a tough summer ahead, expecting lower occupancy rates due to geopolitical tensions and economic challenges in key markets like the UK and Israel. Efforts to diversify tourist sources and streamline workforce processes are underway to combat these obstacles amidst regional instability and a global labor shortage.

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Reflecting on Kathikas Village’s Passion Play

Kathikas Village’s Passion Play is a powerful reenactment of Jesus’s journey to Calvary, showcasing the deep devotion and cultural heritage of the community. This annual event not only strengthens community ties but also attracts tourism, ensuring that the rich history and tradition of Kathikas are preserved for future generations.

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