Top 10 Restaurants and Hotels in Girne District According to Tripadvisor

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Discover the top-rated restaurants and hotels in Girne District according to Tripadvisor! The top 10 restaurants include No 14, Efendi Gastro Bar and Restaurant, and Silver Rocks, while the top 10 hotels include High Life Hotel, Merit Park Hotel and Casino, and Pia Bella. With awards like Certificates of Excellence and Traveler’s Choice 2017 Winner, these establishments have been recognized for their exceptional service and hospitality. Explore Girne District and indulge in the best of food and accommodation! 🍴🏨

What are the top 10 restaurants and hotels in Girne District according to Tripadvisor?

The top 10 restaurants in Girne District are No 14, Efendi Gastro Bar and Restaurant, Silver Rocks, Bella Moon, The Kyrenia Tavern, Niazi’s, Ikimiz Restaurant, Grida Fish Restaurant, The Terrace, and Ambiance. The top 10 hotels are High Life Hotel, Merit Park Hotel and Casino, Pia Bella, Merit Royal Hotel and Casino, Rocks Hotel Casino, The Arkin Colony Hotel, The Ship Inn, Kyrenia Palace Boutique Hotel, Oscar Resort Hotel, and The Olive Tree.

Best Restaurants in Girne District

Tripadvisor has recognized the top 10 restaurants in the Girne District based on customer reviews. These establishments received Certificates of Excellence for their exceptional hospitality and service. The top-rated restaurants are:

  1. No 14
  2. Efendi Gastro Bar and Restaurant
  3. Silver Rocks
  4. Bella Moon
  5. The Kyrenia Tavern
  6. Niazi’s
  7. Ikimiz Restaurant
  8. Grida Fish Restaurant
  9. The Terrace
  10. Ambiance

Amy Hurn, owner of Efendi Gastro Bar and Restaurant, expressed her delight at being part of the top 10. She mentioned that this is the fifth time Efendi has received a Certificate of Excellence, a testament to providing excellent food and service to a diverse range of customers.

Top 10 Hotels in Girne District

The top hotels in the Girne District, as rated by customers, have also been announced by Tripadvisor. The following hotels made it to the top 10 list:

  1. High Life Hotel
  2. Merit Park Hotel and Casino
  3. Pia Bella
  4. Merit Royal Hotel and Casino
  5. Rocks Hotel Casino
  6. The Arkin Colony Hotel
  7. The Ship Inn
  8. Kyrenia Palace Boutique Hotel
  9. Oscar Resort Hotel
  10. The Olive Tree

Three hotels, Merit Royal Hotel and Casino, Rocks Hotel Casino, and The Arkin Colony Hotel, have been awarded the “Traveler’s Choice 2017 Winner” accolade, reflecting the positive experiences and opinions of their guests.

Hüseyin Fırıncıoğlu, owner of the High Life Hotel, which ranked first in the top 10 hotels, shared his excitement. He mentioned that 90% of their customers are from the UK, who choose their accommodations with care and appreciate good service. Receiving such awards is a testament to their hard work and commitment to providing excellent service.

Exploring the Best of Girne District

With a variety of top-rated restaurants and hotels to choose from, visitors to the Girne District can experience the best that this beautiful region has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious stay or an unforgettable meal, you’ll find it in Girne District, thanks to the recommendations from Tripadvisor and the experiences of fellow travelers.

Lessons Learned

From this article, we can learn about the importance of customer reviews and recommendations in the travel and hospitality industry. Tripadvisor has become a popular platform for travelers to share their experiences and provide feedback on various establishments, which can greatly influence the decisions of future visitors. It is essential for businesses in this industry to prioritize customer service and satisfaction to receive positive reviews and high ratings.

Furthermore, this article highlights the significance of recognition and awards in promoting establishments. Certificates of Excellence and Traveler’s Choice awards can serve as a powerful marketing tool and attract more customers. It is important for businesses to strive for excellence and continuously improve their services and offerings to receive such accolades and stand out in a competitive market.

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