RE:SOURCE 2.0: Art Illuminates Environmental Concerns

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RE:SOURCE 2.0 in Limassol, from May 17-21, 2024, is an art exhibition showcasing over 30 artists’ works that emphasize environmental issues, sparking conversations on sustainable living through creative expression. This vibrant event merges ecology and contemporary art, highlighting the deep connection between humanity and nature in a captivating display of artistic talent and environmental consciousness.

What is the RE:SOURCE 2.0 exhibition in Limassol about?

RE:SOURCE 2.0 is an eco-conscious art exhibition in Limassol from May 17-21, 2024, highlighting the connection between humanity and nature. Featuring over 30 artists, the event showcases works that address local and global environmental issues, promoting dialogue and encouraging sustainable living through artistic expression.

Limassol: A Hub for Eco-Conscious Art

From May 17th to the 21st in 2024, the coastal city of Limassol will transform into a vibrant center for environmental dialogue and artistic expression. RE:SOURCE 2.0, the exhibition at the heart of this transformation, promises to merge the realms of ecology and contemporary art, spotlighting the intricate ties between humanity and the natural world.

This year’s exhibition is set to be particularly poignant, featuring over 30 artists from Cyprus and beyond. Each artist, chosen through a competitive open call, will tackle the pressing environmental issues that are as local as they are global, through their diverse and thought-provoking works.

Artists’ Voices: The Inspiration Behind the Creations

The Underwater Realm of Fanos Avouris

Fanos Avouris, a passionate free-diver and underwater photographer, draws his inspiration from the depths of the sea. He carries a love for nature that has been nurtured since childhood, seeing magic in every forest and coastline. His work is propelled by a disturbing encounter with the sea’s vulnerability, where plastics and discarded fishing equipment serve as lethal traps for marine life. Avouris’ art is a clarion call to rethink our disposable culture and recognize the profound impact of our daily choices on the ocean’s health.

Daria Fetisova’s Recycled Metaphors

Daria Fetisova integrates her academic artistic background with a commitment to sustainability. By repurposing discarded doors into canvases, she crafts a visual metaphor that speaks to the cyclical nature of life and the potential for rebirth in our waste. Fetisova’s creative process is a testament to the power of recycling and a nod to the innovative Green Point initiative, which she believes to be an exemplary model for eco-conscious living.

Natalia Maltseva: Ceramics and the Cypriot Seasons

The shift from Moscow to Cyprus marked a new chapter for ceramic artist Natalia Maltseva. Her work reflects the subtle transition of seasons on the island, capturing the local climate’s unique hues in her handcrafted vases. Maltseva’s artistry is her form of meditation, allowing her to convey her environmental contemplations and the gentle rhythms of Cypriot life through the tactile medium of clay.

Nina Sumarac: Digital Forests and Personal Growth

Nina Sumarac’s lifelong affinity for trees informs her project titled “I’ll See You in The Trees.” As an art instructor and nature enthusiast, Sumarac understands the symbolic relationship between people and trees. Her workshops, “We, Trees,” blend art with performance to foster a connection with nature that has been strained by urbanization and digital life. The project is a digital forest, a sanctuary for collective reflection, and a reminder of the bonds we share with the natural world.

Event Highlights: Immerse Yourself in RE:SOURCE 2.0

The RE:SOURCE 2.0 exhibition is not only a feast for the eyes but also a call to environmental action and awareness. Organized by the City Friends Club and supported by ARTNOW Agency, Gaijin Entertainment, and the Andrey & Julia Dashin Foundation, this event is a testament to the power of community and corporate responsibility in driving eco-friendly initiatives.

Visitors can expect to immerse themselves in the innovative world of eco-art from 11 am to 7 pm from May 18th to the 21st, following a grand opening event on May 17th. The exhibition is held at The Warehouse by IT Quarter, Sinergatismou 20, Limassol, and entry is free for all. Those eager for more details can explore further through various dedicated channels and platforms, which will provide additional insights and logistical information.

How many artists are featured in the RE:SOURCE 2.0 exhibition in Limassol?

Over 30 artists are showcased in the RE:SOURCE 2.0 exhibition in Limassol, each contributing their unique perspectives on environmental issues through their artistic creations.

When does the RE:SOURCE 2.0 exhibition take place in Limassol?

The RE:SOURCE 2.0 exhibition is scheduled to run from May 17th to May 21st, 2024, in Limassol, offering visitors a five-day opportunity to engage with eco-conscious art and explore the connection between humanity and nature.

Where is the RE:SOURCE 2.0 exhibition held in Limassol?

The RE:SOURCE 2.0 exhibition takes place at The Warehouse by IT Quarter, located at Sinergatismou 20 in Limassol. This venue will serve as a vibrant hub for environmental dialogue and creative expression during the event.

Who are some of the highlighted artists at the RE:SOURCE 2.0 exhibition?

The exhibition features artists like Fanos Avouris, Daria Fetisova, Natalia Maltseva, and Nina Sumarac, each bringing their unique artistic styles and environmental messages to the forefront. These artists explore themes of marine conservation, recycling, seasonal transitions, and the connection between humans and nature through their works.

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