1) sustainability

maritime sustainability

Cyprus’ Triumph at IMO Election Despite Opposition

Cyprus triumphed in the IMO elections, maintaining its position in the Council’s Category C despite opposition from the Turkish bloc and Russian resistance. Deputy Minister Hadjimanolis’ leadership showcased Cyprus’ maritime influence and commitment to sustainable shipping practices, solidifying its stance as a key player in global maritime affairs.

innovative technology

Beon Active Office Launch to Redefine Modern Workspaces

Beon Active Office, launching in 2024 in Paphos, Cyprus, is redefining modern workspaces by integrating technology and flexible design to enhance productivity and community. With a focus on sustainability and smart systems, Beon promises a dynamic environment that exceeds the traditional office experience, offering a holistic experience that fuses technology, design, and functionality.

environmental awareness green initiative

Mind REset: A Valuable Green Initiative Backed by Lidl Cyprus

The Mind REset program by Lidl Cyprus is an engaging initiative fostering environmental awareness among young Cypriots. With over 9,000 students from 140 schools involved, it educates on reducing plastic usage and promoting sustainability through a threephase approach supported by Junior Achievement Cyprus and the education ministry.

tourism sustainability

Cyprus tourism ministry announces plan to improve beaches

Cyprus plans to enhance its beaches’ quality by 2024 with improvements in environmental standards, plastic pollution reduction, and accessibility, aligning with the Blue Flag programme and supporting the ‘Sand and Sea plasticfree initiative.’ The tourism ministry aims for comprehensive, sustainable tourism development by upgrading beach amenities and infrastructure to showcase the country’s natural beauty and promote inclusivity.

esg cyprus

Cyprus Businesses Embrace ESG Standards

Cyprus businesses are embracing ESG standards through a new certification program, gaining benefits like a 12month ESG certificate, detailed score, action plan, and transparent reporting. The Artemis Credit Bureau partnership with the Association of Cyprus Banks and CRIF S.p.A. is introducing an ESG evaluation system in March 2024 to help Cypriot companies align with global sustainability benchmarks and enhance stakeholder trust.

nature art

Embracing Nature Through Art: The RE:SOURCE 2.0 Exhibition

The RE:SOURCE 2.0: NATURE exhibition in Limassol from May 17 to 21 intertwines art and sustainability by showcasing works created from recycled materials. Artists from around the world will use their creativity to shed light on environmental beauty and fragility, aiming to inspire dialogue and promote sustainable living practices.

tourism sustainability

Navigating New Challenges in Cyprus’ Tourism Sector

Cyprus’ tourism sector is navigating challenges like a gap between tourist arrivals and hotel occupancy, labor shortages, and high energy costs. With the loss of key markets like Russia and the need for sustainable practices, the industry is facing economic pressures impacting profitability.

sustainability taxation

EY Cyprus Seminar: Navigating the Green Shift in Business

The EY Cyprus Seminar on green taxation and sustainability emphasized the urgent need for businesses to comply with EU sustainability mandates, adapt to ESG standards, and explore the benefits of carbon credit generation in Cyprus to avoid taxation penalties. With expert insights from influential figures like Marilena Raouna and Shawn Maher, the seminar highlighted the critical importance of early adoption of sustainability practices and the integration of sustainability data in corporate reporting for a more ecoconscious future.

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