Security Measures for the ARIS – APOEL Football Match

security measures football match

On November 25, 2023, the ARIS vs. APOEL football match will take place at the ALPHAMEGA Stadium in Limassol, Cyprus. To ensure safety, fans must arrive early, present fan ID and valid ticket, sit in assigned stands, and follow prohibited items and actions. Contact Limassol Police at 25-805050 for assistance.

What are the security measures for the ARIS-APOEL football match?

To ensure a safe ARIS vs. APOEL match, follow these security measures: Arrive 40 minutes early, present fan ID and valid ticket at the designated gates, sit in the assigned stand, and comply with prohibited items and actions. Respect sportsmanship, follow police instructions, and contact Limassol Police at 25-805050 for assistance.

On the evening of Saturday, November 25, 2023, fans of football in Cyprus will convene at the ALPHAMEGA Stadium in Limassol for an exhilarating A’ category championship match of the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) between ARIS and APOEL. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, the Police have announced a comprehensive security plan.

Match Details

Date & Time: The much-anticipated match is scheduled for 7:00 PM on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

Venue Access: Gates will open at 5:15 PM to welcome the public. To facilitate seamless entry, fans are encouraged to arrive at least 40 minutes before the kick-off.

Entry Regulations

Ticketing and Access Control

  • ARIS Fans: While tickets for APOEL fans are sold out, ARIS supporters can still purchase tickets on match day. The ticket booths cater exclusively to ARIS fans.

  • Gates Operation: Fans must present fan ID cards at the entrance, proceeding through the turnstiles with a valid ticket. Children’s ticket holders should carry an ID, as verification may be required.

Stadium Seating Allocation

Home Team: ARIS

  • Seating: The central (western), eastern, and southern stands are designated for ARIS fans.
  • Entrances: Fans should use entrances W1, W2, S1, S3, E1, E2, and the VIP entrance on the central stand.

Visiting Team: APOEL

  • Seating: The northern stand is allocated for APOEL fans.
  • Entrance: Only entrance N2 will be operational for these fans.

It is mandatory for fans to sit in the stand indicated on their ticket; otherwise, they will not be admitted.

Transportation and Parking

ARIS Supporters

  • Directions: Fans are advised to access ALPHAMEGA Stadium by taking the highway towards Paphos, using the Kolossi exit, and proceeding via the overpass towards the stadium.
  • Parking: Designated parking areas are available for ARIS fans.

APOEL Supporters

  • Directions: APOEL fans should also approach via the Paphos highway, taking the Fragma Kouri exit to Parthenonos Street and then proceeding to the stadium.
  • Parking: There are dedicated parking areas for the visitors.

Prohibited Actions and Items

To maintain a secure environment, the following are strictly forbidden inside and around the stadium:
– Flares, fireworks, and dangerous objects
– Banners with political, offensive, or provocative messages and politically branded clothing
– Chants of slogans on stadium premises
– Backpacks and motorcycle helmets
– Climbing on stadium fences
– Concealing faces within the stadium

Violators risk ejection from the stadium, legal consequences, and possible arrest and fines.

Collection Points for Confiscated Items

  • APOEL Fans: Outside Entrance N2
  • ARIS Fans: At the South Ticket Booths

Call for Sportsmanship

Both the Police and the respective clubs urge fans to display sportsmanlike conduct and adhere to civilized norms. The Police and officials will be present to ensure the public’s safety and oversee the smooth progression of the event. Fans are requested to follow the instructions provided by authorities.

Traffic Management and Safety

Given the expected traffic congestion, drivers are requested to be cautious and heed traffic directions provided by on-duty Police officers. The Police will actively manage traffic flows and address any disturbances to maintain order.

Contact Information

For assistance or to report incidents, the public can reach the Limassol Police at 25-805050, use the Citizen’s Line at 1460, or dial 112 for emergencies.

The outlined security measures are designed to provide an orderly and enjoyable experience for all attending the ARIS versus APOEL match at the ALPHAMEGA Stadium. Your cooperation is essential in making this event a memorable one for the right reasons.

In simple words, the post is explaining the security measures that will be in place for the ARIS vs. APOEL football match. Fans are asked to arrive early, bring their fan ID and valid ticket, sit in their assigned stands, and follow the rules about what they can and cannot bring. The police will be present to ensure everyone’s safety. If anyone needs assistance, they can contact the Limassol Police.

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