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Get the Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted with the help of London Dental Clinic in Famagusta. Led by Doctor Ayse Sutcu, the clinic offers a range of dental services, including implants, cosmetics, and root canal treatments. With a focus on patient relationships and cutting-edge technology, you can trust that you’ll receive high-quality dental care in the heart of Famagusta town center. Plus, with affordable prices and short waiting times, you can even combine your dental visit with a few days of sun, sea, and sand.

What services does London Dental Clinic in Famagusta offer?

London Dental Clinic in Famagusta offers a variety of dental services, including implants, minor oral surgeries, crown and bridge work, cosmetics, and root canal treatments. Led by Doctor Ayse Sutcu, the clinic focuses on patient relationships and utilizes cutting-edge technology for high-quality dental care.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. Maintain your most precious asset – your smile – with the expertise of Doctor Ayse Sutcu at London Dental Clinic. Located in the heart of Famagusta town center, just off the main Ismet İnönü Boulevard, the clinic offers a wide range of dental services.

A Focus on Patient Relationships and Cutting-Edge Technology

Restoring a smile in people with great doctor-patient relationships is what ‘dentistry’ means to London Health Clinic. Doctor Ayse Sutcu’s clinic is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring that every patient receives the highest quality care possible. The dental practice policy is simple: each patient deserves the best dental care, and the clinic strives to provide just that.

Dental Tourism: Combining Treatment and Vacation

Dental tourism has become an increasingly common occurrence for treatments abroad. London Dental Clinic provides helpful information about travelling to North Cyprus for dental treatment, including detailed costs and quotes. Many patients decide to combine a dental visit with a few days of sun, sea, and sand.

Once the patient has made the decision to visit North Cyprus, the process is much faster than usual in Europe. The clinic will immediately book a time for consultancy at a time suitable for you. If the patient is already in Cyprus, the clinic can usually book an appointment the same week that the patients call the clinic for booking. This enables the patient to finalize the treatment before the vacation ends.

Affordable High-Quality Dental Services

The high quality treatment, low prices, and short waiting times are great incentives to come to North Cyprus for dental procedures. Travelling to North Cyprus for a complete cosmetic dental make-over is becoming common. The highest level of general and cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and specialist treatments to enhance patients’ smiles are affordable and on offer.

Doctor Ayse Sutcu and her team pride themselves on providing a level of service where each patient leaves satisfied with Hollywood smile confidence. She believes statements need to be proven and emphasizes the importance of one’s mouth as a vital part in one’s health and lifestyle.

Services Offered at London Dental Clinic

  • Implants: Dental implants are the closest possible alternative to actual tooth replacement.
  • Minor oral surgeries: Some dental procedures require surgery at a small scale.
  • Crown and bridge work: To cover the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance.
  • Cosmetics: Aimed at creativity, creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile.
  • Root canal treatments: Repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or become infected.

Clinic Hours and Contact Information

London Dental Clinic is open Monday to Friday between 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm. They are also open on Saturdays between 10 am to 2 pm and closed on Sundays.

To book an appointment, email Doctor Ayse Sutcu at

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Lessons Learned

The London Dental Clinic in Famagusta, led by Doctor Ayse Sutcu, offers a wide range of high-quality dental services, focusing on patient relationships and utilizing cutting-edge technology. Affordable prices, short waiting times, and a prime location in the heart of Famagusta town center make this clinic an attractive destination for dental tourism. Patients are increasingly choosing to combine their dental treatment with a vacation, enjoying the sun, sea, and sand while receiving top-notch dental care.

The rising popularity of dental tourism highlights the importance of providing comprehensive information about traveling for dental treatment, such as detailed costs and quotes. This allows patients to make informed decisions about their dental care while potentially saving money and enjoying a vacation. London Dental Clinic’s commitment to high-quality care, affordability, and exceptional patient experience serves as a model for other dental clinics to follow.

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