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Explore the Splendor of Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay in Protaras, Cyprus, is a unique destination known for its golden beaches, clear waters, and a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure. With high rankings on TripAdvisor, the “Blue Flag” for water quality, and various amenities, this bay caters to all visitors’ needs, offering water sports, historical sites, and a yearround enjoyable experience.

sustainability tourism

Cyprus Tourism Businesses Encouraged to Utilize Grant Opportunity

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KeveI) has extended the deadline for the ISTARS grant scheme, offering up to €5,600 per tourism company to support sustainable practices. The aim of the program is to attract quality tourists, reduce environmental impact, and provide financial and expert support to enhance sustainability in the tourism industry.

airline travel

Cobalt Air: Cyprus’ New Airline Set to Launch in June

Cobalt Air, a new Cypriot airline launched by chairman Gregory Diakou, is set to begin flights in June. The airline will initially cater to destinations in the United Kingdom, Greece, and Israel, with plans to expand operations to the United States, Africa, India, China, and Russia in the future. Cobalt Air presents significant investment opportunities for Cyprus and aims to offer island residents access to farflung destinations, expanding their travel possibilities. With ambitious plans for the future, Cobalt Air is poised to redefine Cyprus’ aviation landscape.

ghost town tourism

Varosha: The Enigmatic Ghost Town of Cyprus

📸 Varosha: The Enigmatic Ghost Town of Cyprus 📍 Located in Cyprus, Varosha was a thriving tourist area in the 60s and 70s, with luxury hotels and celebrity visitors. But in 1974, it was abandoned when Turkey took control, turning it into a haunting ghost town. Nature has now taken over, adding to its eerie allure. The future of Varosha is uncertain, but its haunting beauty continues to captivate visitors. Varosha GhostTown Cyprus History

hot air balloon rides north cyprus

Hot Air Balloon Rides in North Cyprus

Experience the magic of hot air balloon rides in North Cyprus with Yeni Iskele Flying Cyprus Air Sports. The company recently established their presence on the island, and they offer a thrilling ride at a height of 1000 meters. Book your ride today by contacting them at +90 (542) 864 80 00. Don’t forget to explore the diverse attractions North Cyprus has to offer!

tourism relaxation

Discover Kyrenia: A Rare and Ideal Location for a Relaxing Holiday

Discover Kyrenia, the ideal location for a relaxing holiday in Northern Cyprus! Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the charming streets, picturesque harbor, and local arts and crafts. With a buzzing nightlife to top it off, Kyrenia truly is a tourist paradise. Come and experience the best that this enchanting coastal town has to offer! 🌴🌊🍹 DiscoverKyrenia NorthernCyprus TouristParadise RelaxingHoliday Nightlife CharmingStreets LocalArtsAndCrafts PicturesqueHarbor

northern cyprus agriculture

Guzelyurt: A Hidden Gem in Northern Cyprus

Discover a hidden gem in Northern Cyprus Guzelyurt! This market town is famous for its rich agricultural lands and is especially known for its delicious citrus fruits and strawberries. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peaceful surroundings with its fragrant orange blossoms and golden oranges while attending the annual Orange Festival or exploring the natural history and archaeology museum. Don’t miss out on this unique experience!

yacht harbour tourism

$200 Million Yacht Harbour Project Unveiled in Girne

Tourism Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu has unveiled a $200 million yacht harbour project in Girne, aiming to create one of the eastern Mediterranean’s largest yacht harbours. The project is currently in the planning phase and intends to accommodate 800 to 1,000 boats, generate up to 1,000 jobs and extend the existing seawall. The proposed harbour will feature cafés, yacht maintenance services, hotels and onsite tour guides. Investors from Turkey, the UK, Jordan and northern Iraq have reportedly expressed interest in the “buildoperatetransfer” project.

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