Limassol Police Department’s Crime Prevention and Suppression Efforts

crime prevention police operations

The recent operations by the Limassol Police Department saw 415 persons and 353 vehicles inspected, resulting in five arrests for illegal residency, one arrest for duty-free tobacco products, seven complaints for undeclared work, and nine serious traffic violations, emphasizing the commitment to public safety. These efforts are part of a broader initiative to prevent crime and promote road safety in the Limassol province, showcasing the Police’s unwavering dedication to maintaining law and order for the community’s well-being.

What were the results of the Limassol Police Department’s recent crime prevention operations?

The Limassol Police Department’s recent operations led to:
– 415 persons and 353 vehicles inspected
– Five arrests for illegal residency
– One arrest related to duty-free tobacco products
– Seven complaints for undeclared work violations
– 17 individuals reported for drunk driving
– Nine serious traffic violations identified
– Ongoing commitment to public safety and order.

The Limassol Police Department has been actively engaging in a series of operations to enhance the safety and security of the Limassol province. Through the collective efforts of various departments, a comprehensive three-day operation was conducted with the primary aim of crime prevention and control, as well as promoting road safety by minimizing serious traffic accidents.

Coordinated Police Operations

Over the past three days, the members of the Limassol Police Department have been vigilant, conducting thorough inspections across different areas within the province. These operations are an integral part of the broader initiatives undertaken by the Police to curb criminal activities and maintain law and order.

Inspection and Control Measures

The strategic operations executed from Friday evening until Monday morning involved meticulous checks and controls. A significant number of individuals and vehicles were scrutinized during these operations:

  • 415 persons were inspected
  • 353 vehicles were checked
  • Various substances were examined for legality

These actions highlight the proactive approach of the Police in identifying and addressing potential threats to the community.

Arrests and Investigations

The effectiveness of the operations is marked by decisive actions taken against individuals violating laws and regulations:

  • Five arrests were made of individuals from third countries who were found to be residing illegally in the Republic.
  • One individual among the arrested was also discovered to be employed illegally, prompting an investigation against the employer for illegal employment practices.

Additionally, in a concerted effort with the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, several complaints were filed:

  • Seven complaints related to undeclared work violations
  • One complaint against the operation of a substance without a permit

Contraband Tobacco Product Crackdown

A targeted search operation resulted in the detention of individuals and seizure of illicit products:

  • One arrest made after finding a significant quantity of duty-free tobacco products in a vehicle
  • A quantity of duty-free tobacco products discovered at a kiosk

These cases are now being further investigated by the Customs Department, following leads on the illegal distribution of tobacco products.

Substance Control and Nuisance Prevention

The Police have also directed efforts towards addressing disturbances caused by unauthorized operations:

  • Three complaints were issued against the operation of three substances that were functioning without the required permits

Traffic Control and Enforcement

In the realm of traffic management and safety, the Police carried out extensive controls and took remedial actions:

  • 17 individuals reported for driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Nine serious traffic violations were identified, and the offenders are expected to face legal proceedings
  • Additional 50 out-of-court complaints were made for various traffic offenses
  • Three vehicles were impounded for infringements

Ongoing Commitment

The Limassol Police Department remains dedicated to its mission of combating crime and enforcing traffic laws. These consistent efforts are part of a larger commitment to maintaining public order and nurturing a secure environment for all citizens. The Police continues its daily actions with the objective of bolstering the public’s sense of safety and trust in law enforcement.

The structured approach and diligent actions of the Limassol Police Department over this three-day period illustrate the unyielding resolve to uphold the law and safeguard the well-being of the community. With ongoing operations, the Police are determined to continue this trend of vigilance and enforcement to ensure peace and security in the region.

The Limassol Police Department recently conducted operations to prevent crime and promote road safety in the Limassol province. They inspected 415 people and 353 vehicles, leading to arrests for illegal residency, duty-free tobacco products, complaints about undeclared work, and serious traffic violations. This shows the Police’s commitment to keeping the community safe and maintaining order.

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