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police operations crime prevention

Coordinated Police Operations in Cyprus’ Provinces

During recent coordinated police operations in Cyprus, authorities made various arrests and seized illegal items as part of efforts to enhance road safety and prevent crime. In Larnaca, arrests were made for existing warrants and illegal activities, while in Paphos, sound systems were confiscated for noise pollution violations. Famagusta saw arrests for illegal residency and employment, with a focus on enhancing public safety and upholding the law.

police operations illegal employment

Ensuring Compliance: Cyprus Police Hotel Operations

Cyprus police are conducting strategic hotel inspections to combat illegal employment, ensuring minimal disruption by avoiding firearms and positioning officers discreetly. These efforts have led to increased arrests, emphasizing fair business practices and effective immigration management.

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Paphos District Court Detains Two for Possession of Stolen Goods

In Paphos, two individuals were detained for possessing stolen goods, including jewelry, electronics, and keys to apartments and hotel rooms, leading to charges of illegal possession. The discovery points to a potential systematic theft operation, with ongoing investigations to uncover the full extent of the suspects’ activities.

crime prevention police operations

Limassol Police Department’s Crime Prevention and Suppression Efforts

The recent operations by the Limassol Police Department saw 415 persons and 353 vehicles inspected, resulting in five arrests for illegal residency, one arrest for dutyfree tobacco products, seven complaints for undeclared work, and nine serious traffic violations, emphasizing the commitment to public safety. These efforts are part of a broader initiative to prevent crime and promote road safety in the Limassol province, showcasing the Police’s unwavering dedication to maintaining law and order for the community’s wellbeing.

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Overview of Recent Police Operations in Cyprus

During recent police operations in Cyprus, multiple instances of illegal employment were uncovered. Unauthorized workers were found in restaurants and caf├ęs in Nicosia, a Mini Market and construction site in Famagusta, and restaurants and with street vendors in Limassol. Investigations are ongoing to address these labor violations.

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