Leonardo Hotels Announces The Grand Resort Limassol

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Leonardo Hotels introduces The Grand Resort Limassol, a lavish five-star destination in Cyprus with 255 rooms, exquisite dining options, expansive pools, spa facilities, and entertainment offerings. Situated by the Mediterranean Sea, the resort boasts a modern design and family-friendly amenities, promising an unforgettable stay for all guests.

What does The Grand Resort Limassol offer?

The Grand Resort Limassol offers a luxury five-star experience with 255 rooms, a beachfront location, and extensive amenities including:

  • Four restaurants and bars with diverse cuisines and ocean views
  • Outdoor and indoor pools amidst lush gardens
  • Oasis Spa and health club facilities
  • Entertainment with live music and performances
  • Modern event and conference spaces
  • Family-friendly amenities with clubs and activities for children and teens

A New Jewel in Cyprus

Leonardo Hotels is thrilled to unveil The Grand Resort Limassol, a prestigious five-star destination that marks a significant chapter in the brand’s expansion. This property, the seventh to open in Cyprus, has undergone an extensive renovation with an investment of approximately €20 million, elevating it to new heights of luxury.

Exclusive Limited Edition Experience

The Grand Resort Limassol is an exclusive member of the Leonardo Hotels Limited Edition collection. This means guests can anticipate an extraordinary experience where opulence meets authenticity. The property ensures every visit is personalized, with fine attention to detail designed to surpass expectations.

A Blend of Luxury and Location

Set against the backdrop of a sun-drenched beachfront, nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the bustling city of Limassol, the resort is a sanctuary of refinement. It’s not just a place to stay but a landmark of five-star hospitality. The hotel features a five-story building and is surrounded by expansive gardens, home to 363 palm trees. Its 255 luxurious rooms, including 21 swim-up rooms, offer panoramic views of the sea.

A Haven for Relaxation and Adventure

Guests at The Grand Resort Limassol can indulge in the large outdoor pool, complemented by a children’s paddling pool, all amidst the lush palm trees. For those seeking leisure throughout the year, there’s also a heated indoor pool for the winter months. The resort’s beachfront location provides guests with the perfect spot for relaxation, while the adventurous at heart can enjoy a variety of water sports.

Culinary Delights and Enthralling Entertainment

The Grand Resort Limassol hosts an impressive selection of four restaurants. From buffet-style meals at The Palms Restaurant to the authentic flavors at Yashinoki Asian Restaurant, each venue offers a distinct dining experience. Açaí Seaview Restaurant and Ouzeria By the Sea allow guests to savor their meals with an ocean view. The resort’s bars and patisseries cater to all tastes, making for the perfect spots to relax and enjoy.

A Program Crafted for Unforgettable Evenings

Understanding the essence of entertainment, The Grand Resort Limassol has crafted a high-end entertainment program. Live music and performances create an ambiance of sophistication and enjoyment, ensuring every moment at the resort is a cherished memory.

State-of-the-Art Facilities for Every Occasion

The Grand Resort Limassol also shines as a leading venue for events in Cyprus. Its modern conference and event facilities make it a prime location for any gathering. Whether hosting a corporate event or celebrating a wedding, the resort’s spaces and services are sure to impress.

Oasis of Wellness and Family-Friendly Amenities

Central to the resort is the Oasis Spa by Aegeo Spas, an establishment that promises a journey of rejuvenation inspired by Greek natural beauty and ingredients. It even includes a special spa experience for kids. For fitness enthusiasts, the health club offers a place to stay active. And for families, there are clubs and activities tailored to children and teens of all ages, ensuring a stay that’s enjoyable for everyone.

Redefining Luxury Hospitality

The opening of The Grand Resort Limassol is a celebration of a new standard in luxury hospitality in Cyprus. Leonardo Hotels has successfully merged its renowned service with the charming Cypriot culture to create a haven where guests can enjoy tranquility alongside warm hospitality. The Grand Resort Limassol stands as a testament to a new era of luxury, ready to welcome guests from around the world.

What amenities does The Grand Resort Limassol offer?

The Grand Resort Limassol offers a range of luxurious amenities, including four restaurants and bars, outdoor and indoor pools, spa facilities, live entertainment, event spaces, and family-friendly amenities for children and teens.

What makes The Grand Resort Limassol stand out?

The Grand Resort Limassol stands out for its lavish five-star experience, exclusive membership in the Leonardo Hotels Limited Edition collection, stunning beachfront location, extensive gardens with palm trees, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

What dining options are available at The Grand Resort Limassol?

The resort offers four restaurants with diverse cuisines and ocean views, including buffet-style meals at The Palms Restaurant, authentic Asian flavors at Yashinoki Asian Restaurant, ocean-view dining at Açaí Seaview Restaurant and Ouzeria By the Sea, as well as bars and patisseries to cater to all tastes.

What entertainment options are available at The Grand Resort Limassol?

The resort provides a high-end entertainment program with live music and performances, creating an ambiance of sophistication and enjoyment for guests. Additionally, the resort offers modern event and conference spaces for various gatherings.

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