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The Cyprus Police Department has extended the application deadline for police positions, allowing applicants to submit their applications until Wednesday, 27/12/2023, at 14:00. The written examinations are scheduled to take place on Saturday, 27th January 2024, and will cover subjects such as Mathematics, Greek, English, and General Knowledge. Candidates can find more information and resources on the official Police website or contact the Recruitment Office for further assistance.

When is the new deadline for Cyprus Police application submissions?

The new deadline for submitting applications to the Cyprus Police is Wednesday, 27/12/2023, at 14:00. Applicants can submit their applications starting from 21/12/2023, at 12:00, following an extension due to a technical issue that has since been resolved.

Application Deadline Update

In a recent turn of events, the Cyprus Police Department has issued an update regarding the application process for police vacancies initially announced in the Official Gazette of the Republic under the announcement number 5583/1284, dated 10/11/2023. Candidates interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement will be pleased to learn that the application deadline has been extended. This extension comes as a response to a technical snag that hindered the application submissions. The issue, now resolved through collaborative efforts with the Examination Service of the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Youth, has allowed for this crucial deadline extension.

Prospective applicants now have until the newly set deadline of Wednesday, 27/12/2023, at 14:00 to submit their applications. The doors for application submissions have reopened as of 21/12/2023, at 12:00.

Examination Schedule Announcement

In conjunction with the extended application period, the Cyprus Police Department has also announced a definitive date for the written examinations. Candidates can mark their calendars for Saturday, 27th January 2024, which is when the written tests are scheduled to occur. As preparation is key, candidates are advised to refer to the exam syllabus, which has been made available in the Official Gazette of the Republic, issue number 5600/1467, published on 21/12/2023.

Exam Subjects and Preparation

Under the regulations set forth by the Evaluation of Candidates for Appointment in the Public Service Law of 1998, which has been updated over the years, candidates are expected to demonstrate their proficiency in a variety of subjects. The written exam will cover Mathematics, Greek, English, and General Knowledge. Mastery in these subjects is essential for those aiming to join the ranks of the Cyprus Police.

Resources and Further Information

Candidates seeking more details on the syllabus and examination process can access resources provided by the Police Department. Information is readily available on the official Police website.

Additionally, inquiries can be addressed directly to the Recruitment Office of the Police via the provided contact numbers. This office stands ready to assist candidates with any questions or clarifications they may require.

Exam Center Notifications

In preparation for the examination day, candidates will be informed in due course about the location of their examination center. This information, along with other pertinent details regarding the exam logistics, will be communicated to the candidates via email.

The Cyprus Police Department is committed to ensuring a smooth and transparent recruitment process. By extending the application deadline and providing ample resources for exam preparation, the Department is facilitating a fair opportunity for all individuals who aspire to serve their community. Candidates are encouraged to make use of the extended time frame and available resources to prepare for the examination adequately.

The Cyprus Police Department has extended the deadline for people to apply for police positions. The new deadline is Wednesday, December 27, 2023, at 14:00. The written exams for these positions will take place on Saturday, January 27, 2024. The exams will cover subjects like Mathematics, Greek, English, and General Knowledge. People can find more information and resources on the official Police website or contact the Recruitment Office for help.

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