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police induction

Ceremonial Induction of the New Special Police Constables

The recent ceremony at the Cyprus Police Academy marked the official induction of the new cohort of Special Police Constables, who will be responsible for maintaining border safety and managing migration flows. The event was attended by highranking officials, and the Chief of Police emphasized the importance of their role and called upon them to uphold the values of selflessness and determination.

1 police vacancies

Extended Application Period for Police Positions

The Cyprus Police Department has extended the application deadline for police positions, allowing applicants to submit their applications until Wednesday, 27/12/2023, at 14:00. The written examinations are scheduled to take place on Saturday, 27th January 2024, and will cover subjects such as Mathematics, Greek, English, and General Knowledge. Candidates can find more information and resources on the official Police website or contact the Recruitment Office for further assistance.

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