Exciting ANORTHOSIS vs AEK Clash at Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium

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On Saturday, 02/12/2023 at 19:00, ANORTHOSIS and AEK will face off in an exhilarating football match at Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium in Larnaca. ANORTHOSIS fans will be seated in the Western, Southern, and Eastern stands, while AEK fans will be in the Northern Stand. Pre-sale tickets are available and stadium regulations prohibit flares, offensive banners, political symbols, and alcoholic beverages.

What are the key details for the ANORTHOSIS vs AEK football match at Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium?

  • Match Date & Time: Saturday, 02/12/2023 at 19:00.
  • Location: Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium, Larnaca.
  • Entrance Open: From 17:30.
  • Seating: ANORTHOSIS fans in Western, Southern, and Eastern stands; AEK fans in Northern Stand.
  • Tickets: Available for pre-sale; ANORTHOSIS ticket booths open at gate opening time.
  • Stadium Regulations: No flares, offensive banners, political symbols, or alcoholic beverages.

Pre-Match Information

Football enthusiasts, mark your calendars for an electrifying encounter as ANORTHOSIS faces off against AEK on the evening of Saturday, 02/12/2023. The match is scheduled to kick off at 19:00 at the esteemed Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium located in Larnaca.

In anticipation of this thrilling showdown, the Police extend an invitation to all fans to embrace the spirit of sportsmanship. Respect for the sport, your own team, and the opposition is paramount for an enjoyable and memorable game day experience.

Seating Arrangements

The seating in the stadium has been meticulously organized to enhance the matchday atmosphere. The Western, Southern, and Eastern stands will be a sea of home team colors, dedicated solely to ANORTHOSIS supporters. Conversely, the Northern Stand will be a hub for AEK aficionados.

Arrival and Ticketing

Doors will swing open to welcome fans starting from 17:30. With anticipation running high, fans are encouraged to arrive with time to spare. This will ensure a smooth entry and a chance to soak up the pre-match ambiance.

A crucial note for attendees is the availability of pre-sale tickets. Additionally, ticket booths catering to ANORTHOSIS supporters will commence operations concurrently with the opening of the stadium gates.

Traffic and Parking Guidance for ANORTHOSIS Fans

To ensure a hassle-free journey to the stadium, ANORTHOSIS fans are recommended to approach via Papankolis and Rafael Santis streets. The Eastern side’s Agioi Anargyroi Settlement offers additional access routes. Avoiding Marathovounou and Poti streets is crucial as they are designated routes for AEK supporters.

Specific closures include Papankolis Avenue from the Southern parking entrance to the roundabout at Marathovounou and Lysos Santama streets. Additionally, Lysos Santama Street will be closed before the roundabout, remaining in effect until all fans have vacated the area post-match.

Traffic and Parking Guidance for AEK Fans

AEK fans are to initiate their approach from the KLEIMA roundabout, heading towards Tsiakklelero and making a right towards AMMOCHOSTOS Stadium. A left onto Kato Varosion Street followed by a right onto Poti Street leads straight to Marathovounou Street. From here, fans can proceed on foot to the stadium.

Post-match egress for AEK supporters requires a right turn towards Aradippou on Poti Street, avoiding a left turn towards Rafael Santis Street. A subsequent left onto Estias Street will guide them towards the KLEIMA roundabout for their homeward journey.

Stadium Regulations

Several strict prohibitions are in place to ensure safety and compliance:

  • Flares, firecrackers, and any hazardous items are banned.
  • Banners with political, offensive, or provocative messages are forbidden, as is clothing with political symbols.
  • Slogans are not to be displayed on stadium walls or in the vicinity.
  • Alcoholic beverages, hoods, backpacks, and motorcycle helmets are barred from stadium entry.

Violating these regulations not only prevents entry, regardless of ticket possession, but also risks arrest and legal consequences including fines or imprisonment.

Contact and Further Information

For any inquiries or assistance, the Larnaca Police are reachable at 24-804040. Their presence will be notable both inside and around the stadium, ensuring safety and aiding with traffic facilitation as fans arrive and depart.

Road Closures

From 17:30 onwards, Papankolis Avenue and Lysos Santama Street towards Leivadia will be inaccessible. Marathovounou Street will also be closed at its juncture with Lysi Street. These measures are put in place to facilitate smooth traffic flow and enhance security measures for the event.

Your adherence to these guidelines is greatly appreciated. Together, we can look forward to a match filled with fervor, celebrated in a secure and convivial environment.

ANORTHOSIS and AEK will play an exciting football match at Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium in Larnaca on Saturday, 02/12/2023 at 19:00. ANORTHOSIS fans will sit in the Western, Southern, and Eastern stands, while AEK fans will sit in the Northern Stand. Tickets are available for pre-sale and the stadium rules say no flares, offensive banners, political symbols, or alcoholic drinks. The police want all fans to show sportsmanship and respect for both teams. The stadium gates will open at 17:30 and there are specific traffic routes for each team’s fans. Violating the stadium regulations can lead to being denied entry and even legal consequences. The Larnaca Police can be contacted for any inquiries or assistance. Some roads will be closed to help with traffic flow and security. The goal is to have an enjoyable and safe match.

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