Enhanced Traffic Measures in Troodos for the Upcoming Weekend

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To ensure safety and efficient traffic flow in Troodos this weekend, the Police have implemented designated bus routes and parking areas from Limassol, Nicosia, and the Morphou area. Drivers are urged to strictly adhere to traffic codes and signage, and can stay informed on road conditions through the Cyprus Police’s informative website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

What traffic measures have been implemented in Troodos for the upcoming weekend?

To ensure safety and efficient traffic flow in the Troodos region on February 3-4, the Police have announced:

  • Designated routes and parking for buses from Limassol, Nicosia, and the Morphou area.
  • Managed parking areas before Troodos Square, overseen by police.
  • A caution for all drivers to strictly adhere to traffic codes and signage.

Road Safety and Regulation Efforts

In anticipation of the increase in visitors flocking to the scenic Troodos region, the Police have proactively outlined measures to ensure public safety and efficient traffic flow. These initiatives are particularly focused on the transportation and parking logistics for buses that will be carrying numerous visitors looking to enjoy the winter beauty of Troodos on February 3-4.

Bus Transportation Routes

To minimize congestion and ensure safety, specific routes and parking instructions have been established for buses coming from different regions:

From Limassol:

Buses traveling from Limassol are instructed to use the Limassol-Platres road. Parking arrangements have been made prior to reaching Troodos Square. This designated parking area will be clearly marked and supervised by police officers to assist bus drivers.

From Nicosia:

Buses originating from Nicosia should take the junction at Karvounas towards Saitta, then continue along the Limassol-Platres road. Similar to the arrangements for Limassol, these buses will also have a designated parking area before Troodos Square, managed by the police.

From the Morphou Area:

Vehicles coming from the Morphou area are to navigate from the Prodromou roundabout towards Trooditissa. Subsequently, following the Limassol-Platres road will lead them towards the same managed parking area before reaching Troodos Square.

Advisory for Motorists

The Police have issued a cautionary statement urging all drivers to be vigilant and adhere strictly to the traffic code and signage. This adherence is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure seamless movement along the roads during this busy period.

Staying Informed on Road Conditions

The public is encouraged to stay updated on road conditions by consulting the latest Police announcements. These updates are timely shared on multiple platforms to ensure accessibility for all:

Travelers are advised to check these resources prior to their journey to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to the Troodos region.

On the upcoming weekend, the Police in Troodos have taken measures to make sure that traffic flows smoothly and safely. They have created specific bus routes and parking areas for buses coming from Limassol, Nicosia, and the Morphou area. Drivers are being reminded to follow the traffic rules and signs. If people want to know about the road conditions, they can check the Cyprus Police’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter account.

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