Coordinated Efforts Against Illegal Employment and Undeclared Work in Pafos

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Authorities in Pafos are cracking down on illegal employment through joint inspections by Police and Ministry of Labor officials, with recent arrests and penalties for violators. This coordinated effort demonstrates a commitment to enforcing labor laws and ensuring worker rights in the region.

What measures are being taken to combat illegal employment in Pafos?

Authorities in Pafos are conducting coordinated operations to eradicate illegal employment and undeclared work. Recent actions include:

  • Joint inspections by Police and Ministry of Labor officials
  • Verification of employment statuses at construction sites
  • Arrests and penalties for individuals and employers violating labor laws
  • Ongoing commitment to legal employment and worker rights enforcement


The issue of illegal employment, illegal labor, and undeclared work poses significant challenges to economies and societies worldwide. In the Pafos district, a recent operation underscores the active measures being taken to address these issues.

Police and Ministry of Labor Collaborative Action

Members of the Police, specifically those from the Foreigners and Immigration Service – YAM Pafos, have been working in conjunction with officials from the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance. Their mission is clear: to carry out coordinated actions aimed at eradicating illegal employment practices and ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Recent Inspection Operation

An inspection operation was conducted this morning at a construction site where a building is undergoing renovation. The operation was a precise exercise in law enforcement and regulatory oversight.

Individuals and Employers Checked

During the inspection, a total of 44 individuals were scrutinized, and their employment statuses were verified. This activity also involved a detailed look into the practices of 16 employers who were present at the site.

Violations and Arrests

The outcome of the operation was significant. Notifications of undeclared work violations were issued to three employers, each linked to an individual found working illegally. Additionally, three third-country nationals faced arrest due to infractions pertaining to illegal employment and unlawful residence within the Republic.

Case Details

  • Two individuals, aged 28 and 23, were caught working without appropriate permissions and were also residing in the country illegally. They were taken into custody for further investigation.
  • A 27-year-old, legally residing in the Republic, was nonetheless engaged in unauthorized work and was arrested for this violation.
  • Ongoing investigations are focusing on their two employers for their role in facilitating illegal employment.

Action Against Undeclared Work

Furthermore, three other individuals were discovered working in disregard of undeclared work legislation. The Ministry of Labor officials acted promptly, issuing notices to their three employers for violations. These employers will face administrative fines, the exact amounts of which to be determined.

Ongoing Commitment to Legal Employment

The authorities’ dedication to enforcing employment laws reflects a broader commitment to uphold standards that protect workers’ rights and maintain the integrity of the labor market. Such coordinated operations are crucial in deterring illegal employment practices and promoting a fair working environment for all.

By ensuring adherence to labor laws and regulations, the Pafos district is taking a stand against the exploitation of workers and the evasion of legal responsibilities by employers. The operation detailed above is just one example of the ongoing efforts to sustain a lawful and ethical employment landscape.

Authorities in Pafos are working together to stop illegal employment and undeclared work. They are doing inspections at construction sites and checking if workers have the right to work. They have arrested people working illegally and penalized employers who break the law. This shows they are serious about enforcing labor laws and protecting workers’ rights.

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