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Government Employment Trends in March 2024

In March 2024, Cyprus government employment hit 54,751, showing a preference for permanent roles across Civil, Educational, and Security Services. With 32,070 permanent staff on average, job security remains a key focus, shaping the stability and efficiency of public sector operations.

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Cyprus Business Now

The latest trends in government employment in Cyprus show an increase of 1.6% in November 2023, with a rise of 867 employees. Temporary positions, especially in educational services, have surged due to policy changes, despite a decline in permanent staff by 722 individuals. The educational sector saw the most significant temporary staff increase at 34.7%. Additionally, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber participated in the “Shaping the Future of Shipping: Delivering a Net Zero World Summit,” highlighting the country’s commitment to a sustainable and carbonneutral shipping industry. Meanwhile, the Cyprus Stock Exchange encountered a downturn, with losses reported in the market.

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Cyprus Business Now: Weekly Wrap-Up

Cyprus Airways has launched direct flights connecting Larnaca and Brussels International Airport, increasing European connectivity and opening up opportunities for both business and leisure travelers. The mortgagetorent scheme initiated by Kedipes has seen substantial interest, offering innovative solutions to struggling homeowners and providing stability to the housing market.

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Cyprus Business Now: Government Employment and Fintech Summit

In October 2023, government employment in Cyprus increased by 0.5%, reaching a total of 53,554 employees. The Education Service experienced a significant rise in temporary staff, with a 24.2% increase for the academic year 20232024. Meanwhile, the upcoming “Future of Fintech Summit” organized by Forbes Cyprus promises to bring together notable industry figures for engaging talks and discussions. The Cyprus Stock Exchange faced losses, and residents were alerted to heavy rainfall.

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